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We would like to see a concert probably like a small string ensemble as shown in Rick Steves episode. I would prefer a smaller venue. Any ideas of where to purchase tickets and where to go?

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I presume we're talking about Prague? Just to note another way to make the decision, we chose a relatively short, perhaps "tourist concert" but by a real ensemble simply because it was in Smetana Hall, an Art Deco masterpiece. The only place I would rather have heard something was the Estates Theater (no events there during our visit), because of its connection to Mozart. Your own musical interests may differ, but I suggest you take the venue into consideration.

One reason I make this comment is that in Salzburg (a much smaller city than Prague) there are so many tourist concerts that you could trip over them. Without meaning any disrespect to one music school or another, I would not personally choose a restaurant setting, with a student ensemble, for my musical evening. That said, one of the works we heard in Prague was an excerpt from "Ma Vlast", not the entire work. American Symphony orchestras would never excerpt a work, except at a Young Persons concert, or a summer fireworks event!

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I went to a classical music concert at the Spanish Synagogue that was really good. The ticket advertised that the musicians were from "famous Czech Symphony Orchestras" and they were quite good Just a small string ensemble with a vocalist on a few numbers. Beautiful setting. Check it out.