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I read that the coffee is mostly Turkish coffee, espresso, or instant. Is there a good place to get American style drip coffee (similar to StarBucks) in Prague? If so, which cafes do you recommend?

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You mean you want a drip coffee made with burnt beans like Starbucks?

Try an Americano but it still won’t be the poorly brewed Starbucks tall drip.

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American drip style coffee isn't often found in Europe other than those hotels catering to large numbers of American tourists. I find American style coffee to be too weak and not tasting of much. The coffee that I've drunk in the Czech Republic has all been espresso based often topped up with hot water to create an Americano. I don't drink much coffee there as once it's gone 12 beer is the drink of choice.

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There are Starbucks locations all over the city, so if that is what you're really looking for you'll have no trouble finding it.

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Yes, there are Starbucks in Prague. Just like the ones you find everywhere else.

The times I have been there, the hotels we stayed at provided instant for in room coffee. Never found Turkish anywhere (but wasn't really looking for it). Restaurants served mostly espresso based coffee when you wanted it. Can't recommend any that serve what you asked.

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Yep. If you google Starbucks in Prague no problem or just look for the word Americano on the board at any cafe. Most hotels have coffee machines that make good coffee of all kinds at breakfast

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I enjoy local coffee culture when I travel, but yeah, sometimes I need a 20 oz. cup of brewed coffee.

Starbucks will be many places in Prague and other Czech towns, but likely they will not be exactly like your home Starbucks, they bend to local preferences, I know in Spain not all stores had brewed coffee, leaving you to an Americano. There are also other chains, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero are both in Prague, plus likely some local shops influenced by the menus of the chains.

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Bohemian bagel have a couple of places in the city,actually owned by Americans and their coffee is of very much the standard as you would expect, there are lots of other coffee places where you can good coffee.

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Lots of Starbucks mentioned here but we also have "Mama Coffee" as well. Bit more choice of African coffee. The closest I've found to American drip style and you'll hate me for this but it's a McCafe attached to a McDonalds.

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As mentioned, you can find Starbucks in Prague. I can't take the Americano as it becomes a watered down coffee. Costa Coffee is another choice for me and they are in Prague as well. If I can't find a drip coffee I'm fine with a cappuccino.

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We all like our coffee different from every country. Unfortunately very hard to find one compatible to Australia.
However the food was by far and above expectations with variety and taste so i was happy anyway.
Starbucks in Prague was fine but very expensive