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Christmas Market Prague and Budapest

I am going on a Christmas Market cruise end of November. For anybody who has been there during the market, my question is currency conversation and about how much meals and items at the market may cost. I am only going to be in prague about 2.5 days and Budapest 3 days. Most everything is paid for/included except any snacks ie: food/wine and gifts at the Christmas markets. I DO NOT need any more stuff. The only thing I would like to buy is a Christmas ornament from each country. About how much American dollars would you suggest is a fair amount to convert over the Koruna and the florint. My bank does not charge me any fees and I would like not to use my credit card at ATM and some vendors do not take credit cards. Any suggestions.



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It's hard to say how much you will need. But if hotel, meals, transportation was paid I would change for myself $50.

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one thing you must make note of is that at these markets the food is usually sold per 100g.You will see a sign up with a price , that is not for a portion of food but for a set amount .they usually weigh the portion and charge accordingly ,can sometimes work out quite expensive so just be aware.