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Český Krumlov vs Salzburg

My wife & I are driving from Prague to Salzburg in September. We plan to stop for a few hours in Český Krumlov. Two questions:

1) Since we're not staying overnight, is there a good place to park that gives us easy access to town?

2) I've read a lot in Rick's Prague & The Czech Republic book - and - I've done a search of "Český Krumlov" posts & answers in this forum, and see lots of recommendations for staying overnight. We could adjust our trip and do that, however, that would pull a day away from Salzburg. We plan on three days (four nights) in Salzburg. I realize that the decision is up to us, but I'd be curious to know how people feel about adding an overnight in Český Krumlov at the expense of one night in Salzburg.

The drive from Český Krumlov to Salzburg isn't too bad, so we could easily make it there by noon or so following a night in Český Krumlov, and not cost ourselves too much time.

Thanks for any responses.

PS- We expect to be in Český Krumlov on a Saturday (Sep. 14).

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There is parking in Cesky Krumlov up at the castle, if you're going up there anyway. From there it's an easy (downhill) walk into town. I recall this website gives details of the various car parks and prices in town, but I can't bring up the site right now.

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If you're visiting the castle in Cesky Krumlov, you might factor tour time and availability into your decision making. I took the tour (45 minutes, perhaps 1 hour) of the Baroque Theater as it was so different from anything I'd done before. I really enjoyed the entire tour, especially the backstage look at the theater technology.

If you're just visiting the town, then certainly a few hours is enough to wander around and perhaps have a relaxing lunch along the river before you continue on to Salzburg.

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I can't speak to parking since we will be arriving in CK per shuttle. We will be dropped off a few minutes off the pedestrian zone near our hotel. We are spending 2 nights in CK. (Th-Fri.) It may be busier on the weekend, but if you have the opportunity to spend 24 hrs., I would go for it. We have scheduled a guided walking tour, and visit to the Barogue Theater at 0800 am.

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I haven't been to Salzburg so I can't speak to what you would be missing by cutting your visit short there. However, I can tell you that when we were In Cesky Krumlov last June, it was really overrun by a number of big bus Asian tour groups in the middle of the day, making it extremely crowded. In the morning and in the late afternoon/evening, however, the big bus groups were gone and it was quite a different experience. We enjoyed a guided walk in the morning and it was very pleasant to experience the city without the crowds.

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I recommend staying one night in Cesky Krumlov, too. We were there in 2009, and it was very very crowded with large bus tour groups. We stayed 2 nights, in fact, and loved it, but I do remember getting there late on arrival day because of stops we made along the way from Prague. CK is beautiful at night. We especially enjoyed having drinks by the river overlooking the illuminated castle. It was gorgeous!!! And so much more peaceful in the evening than during the day. I was in Salzburg for a day a long time ago, (mid-90's), so I can't really say what you will be missing by cutting it short one day. Salzburg is not a huge city, so I would think that spending 3 nights there instead of 4 nights should be enough.

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See driving tips on p. 304 of Rick's book, and some parking lots on the map on p. 306. If you were staying the night, you'd probably try to park closest to your hotel. I've previously arrived by bus to the bus station shown on the map, and there are also parking lots on that side.

I like having an overnight in Český Krumlov. Four nights in Salzburg might be more than I need, but that also depends on whether you were using it as a base for daytrips.

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Just spent a night in Cesky in May. We were charmed by this beautiful there at 3 one afternoon and left the next day around noon. It is a lot nicer late afternoon and early morning before tour groups get there.....We drove from Prague to get there and then on to Salzburg. Salzburg is one of my favorite towns in Europe......small enough, charming, such fun to walk around. I would think if you schedule Salzburg to walk the old town and Mozart’s birthplace, Mirabell plaza, see a night concert in the fortress and enjoy a Salzburger Nockerl dessert at St. Peter’s you will feel like you have seen this wonderful place.......3 nights should be plenty.