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Car or train

We are planning a trip to the Czech Republic this summer and I an wondering if it is best/easiest to rent a car or take the train to see the country? Also, recommendations on where to stay (4 people) and must see sites. Thanks.

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depends where you intend to visit, but I have found that the public transport in the Czech republic to be cheap and very efficient,trains and buses can be used for getting around,and often buses can be quicker than trains due to routes taken.
this is the website I use for planning journeys in the CR,gives you ;lots of options including prices and forms of transport.
student agency also runs many great cheap bus routes and do some train routes too.

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We were in the Czech Republic for a month last summer. The public transportation is excellent and will get you to most places you want to see. That said, we really enjoyed using the car we had to drive out into the countryside...the endless rolling wheat fields (stunning!), forests, and villages of rural CZ are very beautiful and, I think, underrated! There are quite a few castles and other interesting sights you can only get to via car. We drove around for hours, stopping to take pictures, and eating in small restaurants in pretty, quiet villages. Language can be an issue in smaller places but if you have a guidebook that has food words you'll be fine and you'll have amazing experiences! Truly one of the more enjoyable months we've spent in Europe.

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Public transport will take you almost everywhere; some places even faster than a car (like Prague - Olomouc). But most places you would be faster by car. With 4people car would be more economical and closer to the price of public transport. Note: automatic is much more expensive and hard to find. If you can drive a stick - big advantage. Learn international traffic signs (if you don't know them already). The whole Europe is using them. Unlike in the States there is zero tolerance of alcohol behind the wheels. Police can stop you randomly and they do random sobriety checks. Penalties for alcohol are severe. Also police is sneaky. They measure speed while they are hidden somewhere and then radio ahead where there is police check point stopping and charging every speeder. Sometimes you get discount if you pay fine in cash on the spot. OK, enough of scary stuff.
Must see sights: get Rick Steves book: Prague & the Czech Republic and read through the posts under Czech Republic. Especially this one:
C.R. is my speciality. Tell me what you are interested in and I will try to think some ideas for you.