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Can you use the same SIM card in Czech Republic and Hungary?

We have an unlocked Blackberry Q10 phone with GSM capability. We were planning to purchase a SIM card for it in Czech Republic at the airport (Vodaphone as recommended by a few other posters.) As I was trying to read the details it is not clear to me that I could use that same card in Hungary without paying expensive roaming charges. To anyone who has used this service before, did I understand that correctly? Does anyone have other suggestions? We primarily need to use the phone to call and confirm our arrival time at bed and breakfast hotels, call a taxi, etc.


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Vodaphone will work but you will hit roaming.
On calls its not a big problem theres a 19p/min cap in place.
Where it can be a problem is calls to US from second country I don't think a cap is in place,so well worth checking as likely to be expensive.

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Who is you US service provider. AT&T and T-Mobile have such good international deals now that I haven't thought purchasing SIM cards was worth the effort the last couple of years. Getting a pre-paid SIM card in Hungary is sort of a pain. Count on at least an hour of your time devoted to the process.

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T-Mobile is the carrier for both countries. But SIMS cards would have to be changed. With T-Mobile's $50 per month service, you get unlimited text and $.20 per minute international voice calls. And there's no minimum contract.
I switched over from AT&T, and their GSM phone will work on T-Mobile. Verizon's phones won't work, however.
We'd get phone calls from our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter from home at 3:30 a.m. using her mother's cellphone speed dial, and we didn't worry about going broke.