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Bus time on Eastern Europe Tour

Hi, my husband and I are interested in the Eastern Europe tour but the number of long days on a bus concerns us. There are two 7 hour bus days, one 8 hour day, one 5 hour day and other shorter days. Has anyone taken this tour? Are these nonstop driving for 7 hours or are there interesting stops along the way? The tour description does not mention this. I am okay for a 4 hour drive with no stops but many longer than that may get a bit draining - and that's not how I want to spend my days. I do agree with others that a tour may be the easiest way though to get around the Eastern bloc countries so may be willing to try it this once (we usually go on our own trips and have had good luck with that).

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On the tours I have been on you get a snack/potty break every 2 hours

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I love the RS Forum, but i think his Eastern Europe tours try to see too much in too short a period of time with too much time on buses. Prague, Vienna, Budapest is a minimum of 10 days by its self. Throw in Cesky Krumlov, Eger/Pannonhalma and you have 14 days. Or Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna could be a tight 14-16 day trip using the discount air carriers between Prague and Krakow and Budapest and Krakow. Sorry Rick, love you man!