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Budapest/River Cruise - Danube

Hi, I'm going on a river cruise along the Danube the first week of May. We embark in Budapest and travel up to Regensberg. I'm hoping we won't have to leave the boat and hop on a bus. I'm wondering if anyone knows how the level of the river is these days (last Fall it was very low). Thanks for your comments. BP

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We just returned from this exact cruise and the river level was fine. we did not have to take a bus at all. We used Gate1 and had a fabulous time.

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Hi Diane, Thanks for your prompt reply. We're also traveling w/Gate 1. This is our first experience w/them. Were you on the Empress? If so, how you you rate the ship (food/rooms/service) and hotels? How was the weather? BP

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From Budapest to Regensburg you go through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany. But not Czech Republic. Also Regensburg is on Danube river in Germany. Regensberg is in Switzerland and not on the Danube river.

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Most river cruise companies hide water level from you. Vantage out right lied to us last year. Didn't tell me that half our cruise had been cancelled until 3 days before departure when the ship had been stranded at Koblenz for a week. & the crew was given a two week vacation.

You shouldn't have a problem because the rivers will still be getting mountain snow melt, not only rain, but if it's critical, check snowfall in the Alps for this winter & buy cancel for any reason trip insurance.