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Bringing a rental car into the Czech Repubic

Does anyone know which car rental companies, if any, allow their rental cars to brought into the CR? If permitted what are the restrictions? Thanks, Ernie

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Hi Ernie. I've found Hertz to be pretty liberal in this regard. Their website says Czech Republic is allowed, except for certain vehicles. Try the online rental process, after choosing a car, click on 'Rental Qualification and Requirements', then choose the topic 'Driving Restrictions - Driving Abroad'; it will give you details. Other companies probably also allow; policy varies by company. Enjoy your trip!

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Be sure the rental company knows all your countries of travel and they are allowed (or not disallowed) in the fine print of the contract. If you book with Auto Europe online, there will be a box to check and to specify your countries, but then an agent will follow up before completing a booking. Whatever is in writing will trump whatever an agent says.

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I rented from Europcar but made the reservations here through National. The must have a connection (?). I rented in CR but drove it to Germany and Austria.

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Laura's pretty close to right.

Disclose and it'll work out, or try somebody else. I've done it several times but can't remember with whom since I'm not picky except for price. You might also see an extra thirty bucks or so (total) tagged on to the end (or it might show up at the counter if you use AE since a lot of stuff does with them). Regardless, it's legit and has something to do with the documentation for operation in parts of the old bloc.

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Rembered how I figure it out.

  1. Use kayak to search for rentals in Prague.

  2. See what agencies are listed.

  3. Do another search in Frankfurt, or wherever.

  4. Pick the same agencies, eliminating all that don't match.

  5. Do what Laura says, but don't use AE unless you can pin down that their agency is also one listed in Step 1.