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Booking Train from Prague to Vienna, .

Going from Prague to Vienna by train, should we book online in advance or just go to station and buy from window, going in May. Same question for Vienna - Salzburg.
Will this save any money? Any money saved is good.
Is it easy to buy from ticket window in prague and vienna.

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This is a major train route, and trains are very frequent.

You could go either way. If you're in the vicinity of the train station, you could certainly pickup your tickets ahead of time to minimize any hassles.

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It's very easy to buy tickets from window. If you can buy tickets when you get to Prague and then to Vienna. You can buy them just before you go but it's easier to do that when you are without luggage and have time to spare yourself stress.

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Pretty feeble advice above.

To answer to your question, to save money you should buy online in advance. If you buy on the day, or even a few days prior to travel, at the station you will be paying much more.

Go to the following website, which is the official rail carrier of Czech Republic, click on EN for English and buy your tickets:

For the journey from Vienna to Salzburg, you have two options:

1) Westbahn - a private rail carrier offering journeys from Vienna to Salzburg only; you buy the tickets on the train for 25 Euro/person; no advantage to purchasing in advance as it is the same price online. There is a train every hour.

2) OeBB - the national rail carrier of Austria; you can buy tickets for the Vienna to Salzburg journey online at in advance for 19 Euro. If you buy on the day, it will cost 3X that price at least.

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my apology, I checked it and Emily is right. Currently you can buy ticket from P to V for 536 czk which is in today's exchange course US$ 26.89. This price is for travel between February 27th and April 23rd. That looks like at least 3 days ahead and up to 2 months ahead. I don't know how much it cost at the window but certainly more. If you know for sure which date you will go, buy it in March (2 months ahead) because for May cheap tickets will sell faster than now.