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Booking reservations on train from Prague to Munich

I am trying to book a train online from Prague to Munich for travel in May on the d Bahn website. When I try to make seat reservations I get a message that seat reservations are not available.
Is this because I am booking too far in advance?
Thank You

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What date are you looking at? If early May, do you see the little exclamation point next to the 9:45 direct train? Click on that and it says construction work will interrupt the journey, and there will be a bus replacement for that part. So perhaps they do not want to have you make seat reservations for such a train-bus-train journey. It says if you buy a ticket now, you chould check back later to see if the schedule has changed.

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Hi and thanks for your reply.
No there are no exclamation icons, only that seats cannot be reserved.
I did find my answer on a train website. You cant book more than 90 days in advance.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Try and see what happens for you. It is the Czech National Train site. It was very useful for me in booking train tickets and being able to print them off while sitting at home.

However, every time I did this my credit card blocked the first try. i had to notify my card issuer then buy the tickets.

wayne iNWI

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It is not a "90 day" thing. If you look at the same route on a date less than 90 days from now ( I used April 11), you still get the same message in red---seat reservation is not possible.

And on other routes, like Munich to Bolzano which I just checked, you can get seat reservations for trains in May, more than 90 days out. I have bought such tickets more than 90 days ahead and had no problem reserving seats.

So maybe it has to do with the train originating in Czech Republic, or with the broken connection due to construction. Try the Czech train site as suggested.

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I've never reserved a seat, just walked into the station and bought one when ready to go. I've never seen that train anywhere near full.

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When I book my Czech train reservations for summer, they will show the route but I can never actually reserve a seat until about 60 days in advance (sometimes 90). The sites where I usually book seats (I just check for the best route and cost) originating from Czech are České dráhy / ČD and RegioJet. The Student Agency bus on RegioJet site will actually be a lot quicker and easier from Prague to Munich and it will be cheap. But, I've done train too - it just takes longer. I've used DB too but sometimes it doesn't show all of the trains if it originates in CZ. And, it always seems more expensive than CD or RegioJet routes.