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Bohmeian Saxony Switzerland

We will be staying 4 days in Prague in June. Is Bohemia/Saxony Switzerland feasible as a day trip?

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It is an easy riverboat ride from Dresden. We went for the view, not the exercise. Stayed on the boat. So it should be possible by train from Prague. I don't know but that closer-in hiking might be a better use of your time, perhaps combined with a scenic city other than Prague. Prague itself is a very rich destination, and you will not be searching for things to do.

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Yes, but why? It's nothing like Switzerland or any mountains. It's just a couple rugged small hills, impressive if you don't know better, but the Alps it ain't. On the other hand, 4 days in Prague is barely enough to get stated on this most remarkable city. If you want a day trip, Chesky Krumlov

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impressive if you don't know better

Perhaps I live my life with a little more wide-eyed wonder than the average guy, but I'm pretty impressed by just about anything in nature. I haven't been to Bohemian/Saxon Switzerland yet, but I think the area looks pretty awesome, despite having spent time in the Swiss, German, and Austrian Alps (plus 2 weeks in the Julian Alps this fall).

I have a rough outline for a 3-week trip to the Harz Mountains, Weimar, Saxon Switzerland, and Görlitz sitting on my laptop's desktop. I'm pretty stinking excited about taking that trip in the next couple of years.

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If you have 4 days in Prague, I wouldn't suggest doing a day trip.

If you do want to get out of the city, Saxon Switzerland is a good choice, (I would do likewise), if you want to be out of Czechia, otherwise go to the chateau Konopischt . Forget CK.

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It's just a couple rugged small hills, impressive if you don't know
better, but the Alps it ain't.

The Rocky Mountains and the Great Canyon aren't the Alps either.
Saxon/Bohemian Switzerland has a 5/5 rating at Tripadvisor, and 4,9/5 at Google, so I guess you are a minority. And you probably never hiked there.

Topic: the typical day trip on the Chech side starts from Hrensko, from there up to Pravcicka Brana, then down to Mezna Louka, and back to Hrensko by boat via the Kamenice Gorge. But that's a long day if you do it on your own, since you lose valuable time on the train. A organized tour by bus from Prague makes more sense in this case.