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BOEE May 2022 Information?

We have followed RS for a very long time and are finally scheduled to go on our first RS tour! I have found 1 trip scrapbook. But I was hoping to find more trip report type information and possibly set up a group/thread where the people on the tour could discuss things. I've found that very helpful on cruises I've been on. I don't see anything like that here. Are they on another platform? I'd appreciate your input.
Thank you.

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My experience is that only a small percentage of people who are on the tours post on the forum. There is a RICK STEVES TOURS section (under TIPS & TRIP REPORTS) where you can post and see if somebody else is on the same tour. I've averaged one find or less per tour after 6 tours.

I assume you have looked at the numerous reviews on the specific tour page?

Interestingly, Road Scholar HAS that capability on their website and basically nobody uses it.

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Hello LIZinPA. I've attempted to search all through the different parts of the forum. I'm competent with search engines. I thought I might have been missing something. I have read a lot of the reviews also. Thank you for letting me know that this isn't a common thing to do on this site. Maybe someone will see my title and chime in. I've gone over to the group on FB to see if there is anything there. I've always found it so helpful to hear from those of you who have done these things before.

Thank you for your input!

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I can see how getting to know some people on a cruise beforehand might be useful since it involves a much larger group of people. A RS tour only involves 28ish people so everybody bonds pretty quickly.