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Black Light Show in Prague

Is the Black light show in Prague worth doing? Which one? Rick names 3, but some of the review have not been good. We are going in June.

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I have been travelling to the Czech republic for over 23 years and have never felt the need to see a Black light show.I think they are more aimed to the younger crowd but not something that have ever enticed me.

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This question comes in two parts. First, is it worth it? If you haven't seen Black Light before then I think it is worth a look. Some of the effects are amazing, and the athleticism of the performers is impressive. However, it is an art form with a limited repertoire, so you might feel that you've seen enough by the end of the performance. Still, it is an interesting exercise in conveying a story without words, as the shows are designed to be accessible by people from all over the world, regardless of language.

As for which one to chose: they are all offering pretty much the same thing, but I suggest going with one of the three that Rick recommends (because he has vetted them). Bear in mind though that Black Light tends to polarize opinion; two people will see the same show and one will think that it's amazing while the other is bored by it. This explains the uneven spread of reviews.

I hope that this helps.