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My husband and I rented an apartment for 3 nights through via HomeAway when we arrived last night (January 4th), it was permeated with stale cigarette smoke although it was clearly advertised as a non-smoking place. It was so strong that our eyes were watering and opening windows/doors didn't help, plus it was very cold outside. The PragueLoft agent would only agree to come spray the flat the next day with disinfectant which isn't really a solution for this kind of issue. We could not remain there due to allergies and had to suddenly find a new place to stay in Prague that night for our 3 day visit.

I am, of course, planning to complain to HomeAway which is how I booked the flat and seek a refund. It is not entirely promising and HomeAway's complaint process appears to be designed to deter customers from complaining as the "contact us" buttons do not work. Any advice or ideas would be very welcome!

Neither HomeAway nor PragueLoft.coma re incentivized to return my money so the least I can do is help other travelers be aware of's accomodations. Please note that their flats are featured on all the Expedia owned websites....

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