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Availability of ThermaCare products in CR

I don't imagine this question has been asked here before ;)

My wife and I are traveling to CR next month. I want to find out whether Pfizer's ThermaCare products are easily available, say, over-the-counter in retail pharmacies. It turns out they have their own Czech website, and I can find them on at least one Prague pharmacy's website... but I'd like to be sure, since otherwise I'll have to pack two weeks' worth. Any ideas? Thanks!

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The website you linked to says: "available in all good pharmacies". So, I assume that means they would be pretty easy to find. I did visit a couple of pharmacies while in Prague but wasn't looking for anything like this so I don't recall whether they had them or not. I'm sure any pharmacy would at least have something comparable, if not that exact brand name.

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I've seen them here at the Pharmacy near Wenceslas Square. But they only had the lower back ones. Not sure which ones you need. And I think they were about $10 a package. So, I'd bring some if you know you need them. They also sell a similar Slovakian type here that my doctor recommended but they don't work at all so don't be talked into them if you go to the pharmacy :).