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Austria, Prague & Budapest Itenerary for 12 days

Hi all,
I am travelling to Eastern Europe for 12 nights and 13 days from India. I would be flying into Vienna on October 23 and fly out of Vienna on November 5 (22:45). I plan to spend 3 days each in Vienna, Prague and plan to visit Budapest, Salzburg, Innsbruck & Hallstat. Below is the sample itinerary for guidance.
Day 1: Delhi - Vienna (Use 72 hour Vienna Pass)
Day 2:Vienna (Use 72 hour Vienna Pass)
Day 3: Vienna (Use 72 hour Vienna Pass)
Day 4: Vienna – Prague (Use Eastern Europe Pass and take Railjet 78 Timing - 15:09 – 19:08)
Day 5: Prague - Use 72 hour Prague Pass
Day 6: Prague - Use 72 hour Prague Pass
Day 7: Prague – Salzburg ( Use Eastern Europe Pass and take R1543 Timing - 09:34 - 15:48)
Day 8: Salzburg - Use Eastern Europe Pass

Day 9: Salszburg – Innsbruck - Salzburg : Use Eastern Europe Pass and take
Day 10: Salszburg - Hallstat - Salzburg : Use Eastern Europe Pass and take
Day 11: Salszburg – Budapest (Use Eastern Europe Pass and take RailJet 61 Timing 09:08 - 14:19)
Day 12: Budapest ( Use 48 hours Budapest Pass)

Day 13:Budapest - Vienna ( Use Eastern Europe Pass and take RailJet 68 timing : 15:40 - 18:18)
I would be travelling with my wife and 3 year old daughter. I want to cover most locations but at the same time not over-stress since the kid would be travelling in a Pram. I would be mostly staying in apartments or service apartments with kitchen facilities.
My queries are as follows:
1. Is the itinerary doable and gives adequate time to see most attractions?
2. I will take 7 days Eastern Europe pass for inter-city travel and use respective city passes for travel within the cities. Is this the most economical way to travel?
3. Am I missing on some important cities or places?
4. Are baby prams allowed in most tourist places like churches, museums, palaces etc.?
Thanks & Regards,

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Imho, buying rail pass for your itinerary might not be a good idea, since with point-to-point tickets in Central Europe you can get a pretty good deal. E.g. Austrian rail company ( ) offer Vienna to Prague tickets for as low as 19 euro per person or even cheaper with some tricks ( ), Prague - Salzburg for 19 euro when bought from Czech rail company (, Salzburg-Innsbruck & back for 9+9 euro (again ), for Salzburg-Hallstatt-Salzburg will work Austrian group pass for the entire day (37 euro), Salzburg-Budapest discounted ticket will cost you 29 euro (, while Budapest-Vienna only 13 euro (

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The duplicate of this question running under Austria has more responses. I'm also thinking that some earlier threads from the same poster may have been deleted as the plan came together.

What is happening on Day 8? If nothing, then you'd only consider the European East pass for maximum 6 days.

It sounds like you're fairly willing to commit to some specific departure times for the longer rides. Whether the various advance ticket purchases will be easy for you from India or a hassle, I don't know, so report back if you do it.