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Anyone need FREE train tickets from Prague to Krakow? My stupity can be your gain!!

It's really kind of funny...or not. It's only a 38 euro hit....but I feel so stupid because there were a couple of red flags that in hindsight I realize I did not think through!!!!

I just purchased FOUR tickets and reservations for the only daily direct train between Prague and Krakow. BUT THERE ARE ONLY ***TWO* OF US!!**

Train leaves Prague at 1022 on Sunday, 14 May 2017 and arrives in Krakow at 1805.

First attempt: I placed two tickets/seat reservation in the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout but had an immediate
problem with the document registration and login, was unable to navigate backwards, so exited and started over.

Second attempt: I selected two tickets, was unable to get the same seat reservations as they were now unavailable ( first red flag) and proceeded to checkout. The price was double what I had thought, but I figured the website had previously quoted a single seat price. (Second red flag...). These are "first Europe" tickets and are not refundable. fellow Ricknicks........if anyone here will be in Prague in early May and would like to travel to Krakow on the new direct train service on Sunday, May 14th, please contact me here, or PM me.

I'm also going to post this in General Europe and Poland in hopes that it will reach someone who might be interested. I hate to waste two tickets.

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