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Any recent experiences Prague (from US)?

Pardon I know this is vague, general question - and of course, need to check official sites - but very curious please about individual experiences of recent days.

Also wondering for those who've traveled into and out of Prague by train, what processes you've encountered. Thanks in advance, trying to figure if I will cancel upcoming trip in 2 weeks

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If you are NOT double jabbed- it’s going to be a bit of a hassle.

If you are double jabbed. Don’t cancel. Seriously. I was feeling the same way at one point. Mainly because I was reading the incorrect information. The requirements will depend on what the country is requesting. Spain required a QR code, and because I flew on AA, they required us to use the VeriFLY app.
I’m in Prague. Got here yesterday. Flew to Bilbao Spain from the USA on 12th. Then onto Prague yesterday morning. Got to the PRG airport, they asked for my PLF form and to see my CDC card. Easy as can be. Only place that I can see requiring masks are the museums.

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Thank you for sharing status! Have a wonderful trip. It is making me reconsider my cancelation, except I already changed my vacation request at work. Sigh...

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Just to say that nothing has changed on the incoming to Czech part. In general if you are travelling direct or transiting via another European airport spending less than 8 hours at that airport then the border guys may wish to see Passenger Locator or Proof of Vaccination but in my experience it's the hotel that wants to see the vaccination proof. This is important because from November 1st if you go into a shop/restaurant/bar then the staff are required to check your vaccination/test status (before they didn't care and it was somebody else who did the checking). For double vaccinated people it's not much of an issue but if you are not and you prefer to take tests then the duration for being able to use a negative PCR test to get into places is coming down from 7 days to 3 days and Lateral Flow is coming down from 3 days to 24 hours. The moral of the story is Get Vaccinated.

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One change. Since November 1st if you go into a cafe/restaurant/pub etc and you intend to stay in that place to eat/drink then you will now be asked to show your vaccination status by the staff before being served. In Czech that is a system called "Tecka" which shows a green box with a tick and an expiry date etc and also links to more detail. Tourists will need to show something that clearly shows they are vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Thanks Jason-

I will be there in 4 weeks. Leave Dec 2 and arrive in the 3

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