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Airport to City near midnight - directions

Hi everyone,

I've been researching and still a bit confused.

My flight arrives around 11:00 pm at Prague airport, and I'm afraid we might not be able to make the last #119 bus. Does anyone have suggestions on how else we can get to the City, near Wenceslas Square area?

I think I found suggestions of taking the #510 bus, but I'm not sure where to get off and transfer to something else.

Thank you!

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just get a private shuttle cost around 600kc. ($26).and that's for up to 4 people.
this company is run by an American ex-pat and his Czech wife, used them numerous times and they are highly reliable.
Do you really want to mess about with public transport late at night in a city you don't know to save $20

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At that time of night, the 119 bus leaves the airport every ten minutes until 23:43. So if your flight lands around 23:00, the chances are that you'll still make a 119 bus. It goes directly to Nadrazi Veleslavin where you'll connect with the metro to the city centre. Get off at Mustek for Wenceslaus Square. It takes 33 minutes and costs 32czk.

If you miss the last 119, then the 510 night bus starts at 23:52 and runs every 30 minutes. It takes 45 minutes to get to the centre. Stepanska is the closest stop for Wenceslaus Square (550m, about 6 minutes walk). It costs 32czk.

However, the 510 is a fairly arduous undertaking. It's a long and winding route that visits every hole in the hedge, so if you can afford to take a taxi it might be worth doing that instead. It will get your to your bed faster and with less figuring out on the way. However, if can you land in time to get a 119, I'd do that and then spend the 600czk that you save on something more enjoyable than a taxi ride.

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you will need to get a ticket before you travel on the 119 bus, there are machines at the airport bus stops that take both large notes and credit cards.there are other machines that just take coins.