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8 day Czech Republic Itinerary

We will be in the Czech Republic for 8 days in September. I've put together a tentative itinerary and would appreciate feedback.
Day 1, 2, 3,& 4 - Prague while in Prague take a day trip, 1/2 day trip, River cruise, Walking Tour, Castle at night, possibly castle tour
(thoughts about Day Trips and 1/2 day trip = Terezin Memorial, Kunta Hora, Pilsen)
Day 5 - pick up car and drive to Southern Bohemian Towns to visit Cesky Krumlov, Trebon and Telc.
While in Trebon we would like to rent bikes to see the beautiful area's around Trebon and possibly book a spa/massage. We are not interested in the larger cities, as we already spent 4 days in Prague.
Here's where I'm stumped, Day 5 we will be driving south, hopefully stopping to see Konopiste Castle on our way, should we go to Cesky Krumlov today, and sleep their tonight, then on Day 6 see Cesky Krumolov in the morning and then head to Trebon in the afternoon, sleep in Trebon on Day 6 and Day 7, on Day 8 leave Trebon, stop in Telc on our way back to Prague?
Day 5, after stopping by Konopiste Castle, head to Trebon and stay in Trebon for 3 nights and use that as our base, to see Cesky Krumlov and Trebon.
Suggestions and ideas are appreciated, we want this trip to be somewhat relaxing. My husband and I do not do a lot of walking, but we are okay with some walking, as we know Prague is a walking town. Our ages, hubby 70 and I'm 62.

Thanks a bunch!

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One consideration for your Day 5-8 choices is the day of the week. Many sights in Cesky Krumlov are closed on Monday. If you weren't planning to tour inside the castle (or the lovely Baroque Theater) anyway, then Monday could be a better day to go because there are likely to be fewer tour groups. You can still see the town, walk along the river and enjoy the castle grounds. Otherwise, you may wish to be there on a different day.

I arrived in Cesky Krumlov on a Sunday afternoon and got the best of both for my interests. I was able to tour the Baroque Theater on Sunday before closing, then had a relatively quiet Sunday evening and Monday in Cesky Krumlov, with fewer tourists.

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Thank you for your suggestions and information. Day 5 - 8 will be Tuesday - no worries with places being closed.

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Your Prague itinerary looks sound. I second going to Prague Castle at night. It's a horror story during the day, but perfectly pleasant in the evening. Given that you will be seeing a good bit of the country later in the week, I would advise against day trips while you're in Prague. There is plenty is this wonderful city of ours to keep you occupied for three or four days.

Konopište (especially Franz Ferdinand's armoury) is worth a look. From Konopište, I would stop in Tábor. Tábor is a beautiful medieval town, founded by religious extremists in the 15th century. The Hussite Museum is one of the best museums in the country, and the Goldie restaurant at the Hotel Nautilus is truly excellent.

Třeboň is a real treat, and I do recommend hiring a bicycle and spending some time cycling around the ponds. Also, make sure to enjoy a treatment or two while in Třeboň. Telč is moderately interesting, although there isn't much beneath the facade. I would definitely stop by there on the way to somewhere else i.e. Třebíč or Znojmo. Třebíč has an intact Jewish ghetto which, along with its 12th Christian basilica, has UNESCO protection. Znojmo is the main town of the South Moravian wine country, so if you're interested in white wine, it's a great place to be. You will find few other tourists in Tábor, Třeboň, Třebíč or Znojmo, and you'll get a good sense of the rhythm of the country. You might meet a tour bus or two in Telč, but that's about it.

Krumlov, unfortunately, is beyond redemption. It is now a fully-blown Disneyfied town. There aren't any local people left in the town; overtourism has devoured it entirely. It is overpriced and overcrowded. If you've spent a few days enjoying the relaxed pace of typical Czech towns, then the million tourists (literally) that surge through Krumlov will come as something as a shock to your system. I would avoid Krumlov entirely.

I hope that this helps. Good luck with the planning!