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3 days in Prague

Having to make last minute changes to our trip due to flight from Italy being. We will now be visiting Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

We are looking for recommendations on:

  1. Accommodations - we love unique, boutique type lodging, or family owned places over chain hotels, but not adverse to staying in one if location and price presents a better choice. Also we are fine with staying a bit outside of the city if it’s worth it.

  2. Are there any side trips we should consider?

  3. Must see main attractions? any hidden gems? (we love the lesser known, ”untouristy” places as much as the “main attractions”. We love architecture, churches, outdoor spaces. Not as excited about museums unless it is unique, or has something “not to be missed”)

    1. What foods are unique to the area and should be sampled??

We will be there late April/Early May And just my hubby and I. (both 57)

Hope I provided enough info!!

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Prague is gorgeous. There is an extremely heavy tourist load, so don't spend all your time in the most crowded areas of the Old Town.

The Art Nouveau interior of Obecni Dum (Municipal House) is fabulous. There are a few English-language tours every day. Pay the modest extra fee so you can take photos unless you have no interest at all in photography.

The Museum of Communism qualifies as "quirky", I think.

Again, you need a guidebook. Rick's has good coverage.

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Thanks for the info. We have Rick’s guidebook, but we like to hear from others as well. He hits all the big sites, etc. but we’ve found the best hidden gems, accommodations, etc. from the forums. We add that to what we glean from the books and we’re off!!!

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Food in Prague- Great beer of course and there are plenty of beer gardens where you get something to eat too.
Lots of meat dishes, goose, duck.
Stay across the river from old town.

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Stay in the old town and visit the square, Charles Bridge and the Jewish Quarter. On day two visit the Little Quarter followed by the Castle District and make sure you go inside St. Vitus Cathedral to admire its stain glass.

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I loved the hotel I stayed at... The grand bohemia prague.. I walked everywhere. The included breakfast was delicious.

I did a 3 hour walking tour of the Jewish quarter through that was the highlight of my trip.

Prague castle was also great but the tour was not worth it. Charles bridge and the neighbohoods on both sides were amazing to walk though Walked up to Petrin hill and took the funicular down ( meant to todo the opposite but oh well) The old square with town all and clock.

Food wise, I really enjoyed my meal at Lokal. They had a lot of czech specialities and the prices were amazing, Although not truly czech, if you have a sweet tooth, I really enjoyed the trdelnik. You will see shops selling it everywhere

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There is an extremely heavy tourist load, so don't spend all your time in the most crowded areas of the Old Town.

Is this valid for today?

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Are there any side trips we should consider?

Depending on your level of interest in WWII and Jewish history, you might consider a day trip to Terezín. It is the reason I went back to Prague, and it was well worth making the second visit.

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Good point, Tom. Central Prague may be a much more pleasant place in two months than it has been in the recent past. I just have no idea what conditions are going to be like from week to week. A lot of people seem to be shifting trips away from Italy rather than canceling entirely.

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That should be a beautiful time of year to visit! My mother is from Prague and we go back often to visit family. Spring is always the nicest time of year.

When I stay in Prague, I love the Hotel Julian. It's in Smichov, which is close to everything without the hassle of being right in the heart of tourist madness. It has a beautiful rooftop terrace as well with a view of the castle that is especially magical at night.

As for what to see and do, if you like outdoor spaces then I'd recommend:
- Petrin Hill (hopefully the apple trees will be in blossom while you are there)
- Vrtba Gardens
- Letna Park
- Gardens below Prague castle
- Vysehrad

Other favourite places to visit include:
-Loreta church (when I was little and we would visit, my mom would always take me by even just to sit outside and hear the bells)
-Strahov monastery
-the Klementinum (many classical concerts are held here)
-the Estates Theatre (ideally for a Mozart opera)

For food, definitely make sure you try svíčkova. It's heavy but so delicious. To balance that out, chlebíčky (open faced sandwiches) make a nice light dinner (or lunch). Also, Czechs love soup so there are lots of delicious ones to try.

Have a wonderful trip!

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We very much enjoyed our stay at The House at the Big Boot. Family owned, historic building, very friendly people. In the Embassy district, Mala Strana, safe neighborhood for sure, convenient to everything we thought. Prague is beautiful. We have visited in early May and I always think of Prague now when I see lilacs. Safe travels.

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Central Prague may be a much more pleasant place ... than it has been

Will give an personal update soon.

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hey hey halfdozmom
my best friend took hey adult children to prague couple years ago. it was busy and crowded but they had a good time. they went to the castle and she said so many steps/stairs, crossed the charles bridge, art nouveau lucerna palace with the king riding upside down horse, walking and roaming old town, sitting at a cafe with a glass of beer people watching.
she ate pork knuckle on a spit served at the table, says was so good. an audio walking tour of kafka also the peeing statues in hergetova chihelna
a river cruise
vrtba garden, hidden behind the walls of mala strana, walk up the 4 terraces (floors) and the observation deck and prazky semmering an old rail ride from downtown and the beautiful outskirts ( for apple strudel. also look for sacher torte (cafe sacher wien) sausage stands or best street food. my friend really liked walking around eyeing up the street foods and naschmarket. maybe a street food and craft beer tasting tour, and schnitzel
check city center plazas for tourism kiosks to see what is available. check heurigen express. take a small train travels thru the vineyards and scenic sights. ( or shopping, wining & dining - vienesse wine & heurige)
enjoy your trip even though it changed, always a reason for change. my friend really enjoyed her time and adventure.