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2 Nights in Cesky Krumlov or Olomouc?

My husband and I are flying into Budapest and staying for three nights next April. Then we are renting a car and driving to Prague for at least two nights. I have researched other Czech towns and need help deciding where we will spend our other two nights. When I googled Olomouc, I found all of these articles saying it’s one of the Czech Republic’s best-kept secrets and that it’s very underrated. Plus, we could visit Kunta Hora and Moravian Karst as side trips. I’ve also read a lot of good things about Cesky Krumlov, but it is farther out of the way. Also, I’m afraid it’s overhyped and very touristy. We went to Croatia this fall. Everyone said we had to visit Dubrovnik, but honestly, it was our least favorite city. Split was much less touristy and expensive and felt less like Disney World than Dubrovnik . I don’t want Cesky Krumlov to be built up and not live up to expectations. Any advice? Cesky Krumlov or Olomouc?

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I haven't been to Olomouc, but we loved our visit to Cesky Krumlov, although that was way back in the spring of 2000. We also prefer less Disneyesque places in Europe. On our Croatia trip 4 years later, we didn't make it to Dubrovnik, but Split was a definite highlight, and we actually stayed just up the coast, in Trogir.

Maybe the tourism dial has been turned up on Cesky Krumlov in the past 15 years, but the town was charming, the food was great, the castle, tower, and ballroom were wonderful to visit, and the museum with the Egon Schiele works were interesting. If we went back now, I'd try to canoe or kayak on the Vltava.

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Olomouc is the 6th largest city in the Czech Republic. It is pleasantly untouristy despite the fact that it made it into Rick Steves book Prague & the Czech Republic. It is a historic city with excellent train connection to Prague. It used to be the capital of Moravia until 17th century. Sometimes it's called little Prague.
Cesky Krumlov is a small town, very touristy. Certainly the most picturesque town in the C.R. and one of the most picturesque anywhere. Disneyfication is unavoidable.
Kutna Hora also made it into Rick Steves book.
Moravian Karst - I would recommend abyss Macocha and Punkva caves there. In the season it is necessary to book it online. In April I don't know.

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Historical town...yes on Olomouc. I wonder if the fortress with its prison is still there. That was where Lafayette was held in Olmütz after being captured by the Austrians and before Napoleon negotiated his release as one of the conditions of the treaty.....the ingrate.

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We stayed in Cesky Krumlov right at the bridge that you cross to walk up to the castle.It is a great place to visit and the castle is fully furnished and worth seeing,they also have Bears that live in the moat below the castle and when they die they become rugs in the castle.There are also water sports in the Vltava River like raft trips.I dont think that it will be over run in April.