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2 Days - Prague or Cesky Krumlov (or somewhere else?)

I want to spend about 2 days in mid-May getting a taste of the CR during 3 weeks in Europe. Mainly interested in czech food, beer and sites. Not interested in massive crowds. I hear Prague will probably be crowded during May, so I'm open to other ideas.

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Prague is pretty darn beautiful. It's hard to say if it's worth a trip without knowing the rest of your itinerary. But I was quite taken with the architecture there and really enjoyed my stay. We spent 3 nights there and it was a nice amount of time to take everything in. Cesky Krumlov is also quite nice but I wouldn't choose it over Prague. It's a nice single day visit to just stroll around and see the town.

-Edit - just for Denny - Cesky Krumov:)

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Prague = massive crowds
I would pick another town - Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen, etc.

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I think that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited and to my mind, is rivaled only by Paris. I have visited twice, most recently in very early May amid perfect weather and blooming lilacs. I suppose it was crowded but that one is totally beyond our control, so we just plod along with the masses and have the time of our lives. We also spent time in Cesky Krumlov. When I mentioned to a waiter how busy the town seemed to me, he literally roared with laughter..."Wait until next month when the streets become impassable!" Still a beautiful town, the day we canoed the river was memorable and easy to do. Should you visit Prague, we had a wonderful stay at The House of the Big Boot...good location, wonderful hosts, well priced. In Cesky Krumlov the Hotel Konvice was nice. Good luck and safe travels.

Valerie: I can't help myself. Was "Pesky Krumlov" a typo or an editorial? :-)

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Both Prague and Cesky Crumlov are very crowded since many tourists from overseas visit just these two places in Czechia. I would prefer Brno or Olomouc, which offer enough for two days and feel more authentic. The Spa triangle is a good choice too, although Karlovy Vary is overrun by Russians. I prefer Marianske Lazne.

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@ Denny - Oh holy cow, it is hard to understand how I can plan trips, figure out train connections, group activities by proximity etc but STILL not be able to turn off the auto-correct on my laptop!!:)

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I would suggest that if you only have two days, it's inappropriate to spend 3 1/2 hours each way to Cesky Krumlov. People with cars or car-services can cut that down by not returning to Prague, of course.

Prague can't be "seen" in two days (or even two nights), so I suggest you settle for that. It is true that CK will be "more crowded" than Prague because it's a tiny town with narrow streets. I really wanted to CK, but you can leave it for another trip. You don't say if you are interested in rural locations or spa towns, for example. You don't have a lot of time for a large country!

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If I do Prague, then Cesky Krumlov, I would rent a car and drive from Prague. From CK, I would head to Vienna, then fly to Bologna. Anyone have any experience with renting a car in Prague and dropping it in Vienna?

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May can be pretty busy but spend the mornings visiting the main sites before they get too busy and in the afternoons and evenings try the beers and food.
{Prague has some great beer gardens and May the weather is usually nice enough to enjoy them.Letna park beer garden will let you enjoy a nice beer with stunning views over the city.From mid to the end of May there is a beer Festival also held in Lenta Park ( 2 or 3 minutes walk from the Beer garden) that can be great fun and there is usually a battle of the bands type contest on during the Festival.
this link will give you loads of info on the various beer gardens, micro-breweries and great places to have a few beers.In my experience if they have good beer then the food is usually pretty good too.

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Prague gets five million tourists a year; Krumlov gets one million. So, if you'd prefer to avoid crowds, I recommend that you avoid both.

I would go to Olomouc (just as old and beautiful as Prague, and also an UNESCO site). The Lonely Planet rates Olomouc (pronounced Olla-moats) as the Czech Republic's best kept secret. I also recommend Brno, which is the second city of the Czech Republic -affectionately referred to by the locals as "the largest village in Moravia". They are both very charming small cities, where you can get a good feel for how modern Czechs live their lives. Also, they are both significantly cheaper than the capital.