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15 days in Prague

Our family just agreed to a 15 day home exchange in a suburb of Prague. Can't wait! We've never traveled in eastern Europe before so are looking forward to a new experience.
I have purchased the Rick guidebook to Prague and the Fodor's for two different perspectives and will study both thoroughly! We will obviously see the sights that are on the "highlights" list but also would like to find the more offbeat places.
We are particularly interested in local food joints, local wine and beer, places to hear music, churches off the beaten path, nice walks in parks, woods, or along rivers, as well as antiques and unique shopping.
Also looking for any advice on driving since a car is included in the exchange. We've driven extensively all over western Europe so are comfortable behind the wheel. Is there anything specific to driving in the Czech Republic that is different that we should know about? We will also take a two week road trip through parts of Slovakia and Hungary after the exchange with a rental car. Picking up the car in Prague and delivering it back there at the end.
Any advice regarding Prague and the surrounding area is welcome!
Thanks so much in advance.

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Rick Steves book is an excellent source of information. He only chooses what he considers the best. Another good source of information is right here: contributions under Czech Republic especially:
and similarly read about Slovakia and Hungary under their sites.
What to see in Czech Republic, see Rick Steves book and I would add Karlovy Vary, nearby castle Loket and Brno. Loket has something in common with Cesky Krumlov: Castle on the hill, river going all around the town. What it does not have are tourists hords. If you have some concrete questions don't hesitate to ask.

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The most specific thing for driving in the Czech Republic is zero tolerance of alcohol. Absolutely don't drink (not even a little) and drive. Penalty is severe.

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I wrote a trip report here about our recent trip to Prague and Cesky Krumlov, though that (strangely, I guess) focuses more on food etc. than sights. We took a metro ride to Vysehrad fortress, now a city park, which offers great views overlooking the Vltava, a massive basilica, a scenic cemetery where many Czech icons are interred, and a nice walk back to the center of town along the river. If it's a Saturday you can take in the very fun Naplavka market on the riverbank as you pass (or make a separate trip). Along with the vendors of produce, cheeses, prepared foods etc. there is a barge where several small vendors sell old items. Whether these constitute "antiques" or "old junk" is up to you, but it's nifty.

If you go to Cesky Krumlov, there's a lovely walk along the castle side of the river, past the Eggenberg brewery, that it took us forever to figure out how to access: On Latrán street, on the way to the castle, duck into the archway at Papa's Living restaurant at Latrán 13. Without actually entering the restaurant you can follow the passage past an art gallery and down to the river bank.

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Regarding offbeat places:

For beer, you can try e.g. Beer Museum ( - over 30 beers on tap, or the PUB - Pilsner Unique Bar ( - you have your own tap on your table:) - stop by and make a reservation, it's usually full.

You can have some nice wine in the many wineries.. I suggest strolling in the streets of Vinohrady quarter.

Stromovka is a nice big park, it looks quite authentic as it's not too trimmed. It's always full of locals.

As for driving, there's just the normal outside-US thing that you can't turn right on red light.
Also, when leaving a roundabout, you're supposed to signal (like you're turning right).