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I am arriving in Prague a few days early and planning to go to Terezin before the Prague/Budapest trip begins. I would like to go to Terezin on Saturday, Sept. 20th, 2014. I signed up with a highly recommended tour, Wittmann Tours, but they just informed me that I am the only person signed up for that day and they need at least 3 people. Anyone else interested in joining me? The cost is nominal. Carole

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If you don't find anyone, you can just take the bus and see it on your own. Well worth the visit.

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A few quick points to add to ease your visit : you will need to go to Holesovice station on the C line ( red ) metro to reach the bus . I am in London now and do not recall the bus number , but allow yourself ample time to make the connection and find your way to the bus stand just outside the station . The bus takes an hour and some , so go as early as possible . Also , Terezin ( the town ) is , essentially , a ghost town , particularly in the early AM , so bring something for breakfast with you or eat before you leave Prague . A visit here is well worthwhile , as you will see . Be prepared to do substantial walking in order to see the related sights , as they are somewhat spread out .

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Sorry to hear that. I'm going on the 27th. I hope you find some people to go with you!!