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Kutna hora

Will be going to Prague next week and wanted to do a half day trip to Kutna Hora. The other couple traveling with us wants to take a tour. My husband and I want to follow Rick's book and go on our own.
any input would be appreciated

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Maybe you should race them to see who arrives first ;-). I have not visited Kutna Hora, but have had no problem with other trains, buses, and museums in Czech Republic. The book instructions are pretty specific about how to arrange your time and catching local shuttles, so that also makes me confident that you can do it on your own! While not everyone will speak English, people who work with tourists often do.

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Thank you Laura for responding. We are going to go on our own. We have taken Rick's advice on previous trips and have never been disappointed. My husband speaks a little Czech so we should be fine.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Been to Kutna Hora. (Hora as I recall means hill or top) As I recall there are two things to see, The Ossuary and St. Barbara's church. We spent parts of two days there. This was a while ago so things may have changed. Make sure you know where the Ossuary is located. The directions we had said it was across from the cigarette factory. Well the factory was inside and occupied a large church and the only identifier was a small sign that had PM on it. That would stand for Phillip Morris.

With Google maps this location mystery should be easy.

See where the bus or train drops you off in Kutna Hora. It could be quite a walk to either from where you get dropped. I am not a fan of tours, but the advantage is they will drop and pick you up real close to the front door of your destination. I like the adventure of the local transport systems and finding our way around on our own.

Students of mine have gone to Kutna Hora since I was there and they all enjoyed it.

wayne iNWI