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Pension Brezina in Prague

This pension is not located in the city center, but just a couple of metro stops from it, and the metro is less than a block away from the hotel. It located a short 10 minute walk from the National Museum and Wenceslas Square. The room was clean and spacious, the bathroom spotless and updated. The hotel management was friendly and she welcomed us early, and with an open map and a pen to point out all the things we wanted to see. The prices were reasonable, too- 3300 czk (US$ 153) for two nights in early October.

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This building fronts on a street known locally as the "magistrala." Under Communist rule, it was carved out to shunt traffic straight through the heart of Prague, in lieu of a tunnel or freeway, as is the fashion now that capitalism and millions more cars have arrived. It's clogged with cars and small trucks all day. When you step out the door, the noise, smell of exhausts, and visual assault is a bit much. If these factors matter to you, you can do much better elsewhere for the same price.

NOTE if you intend to arrive by car: After big protests by property owners, the city reduced the speed limit on the "magistrala" to 50km/hr. in a move said to reduce noise for residents. Farther out, toward the D1 freeway, they have added cameras to enforce this, with huge fines sent by mail. It is very poorly signed. You actually need to know where to look to see the few speed limit signs and the one tiny camera warning. Effectively, this has become a speed trap for unaware drivers. Someone is making big bucks, and the problem is essentially unchanged.