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Corinthia Hotel

Hi, my husband and I are new to this forum. A couple of questions...We will be taking a river cruise in April and we just found out our hotel was switched for our extension in Prague. It is now the Corinthia Hotel which looks like it has mixed reviews. Has anyone stayed here before? Would you recommend?

This will be our first trip to Prague. Any recommendations on things to see or places to eat? We did read somewhere that the nightlife isn't the safest. Any thoughts on any of this? We appreciate any advice or recommendations. A bit excited but also a bit uncertain. Thanks!

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I haven't stayed there but the Corinthia brand (worldwide) is fairly upscale and nice. I can't imagine you'll have any problems with a high-end hotel. Or the nightlife (what's wrong with the nightlife? I thought it was great). I think your apprehension is perhaps a bit unwarranted. Prague is very touristy, any guidebook will give you tips on what to do there (or Trip Advisor or In Your Pocket Guide).

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Is your cruise with Viking? My daughter and I stayed at the Corinthia Prague before our Viking Christmas market cruise in Dec. 2016. It was fine. Breakfast was very good. The hotel is not centrally located, but there is a subway stop right across from the hotel - maybe a one or two minute walk across a small plaza. Viking provided a shuttle bus that went to the Old Town every hour, but we only used it once or twice, we used the subway and trams to go where we wanted.

One evening we walked to a restaurant near the hotel for dinner, Kandelábr Vyšehradský Restaurant, on Štětkova. We were not nervous walking around the area.

From the hotel, you can easily walk to Vyšehrad, beautiful views over the city from there and you can also visit the cemetery where Mucha and Dvořák are buried.

Prague is beautiful, I would love to go back. I am sure it will be even nicer in April than it was in December. But bring good walking shoes - lots of hills and cobblestones.

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Corinthia is a modern high rise hotel. Nothing Rick Steves tour would stay in. And as was already said it is not in the center but it's not too difficult to get to the center by public transport. Prague is one of the safest big cities I know. Would I recommend hotel Corinthia? No. (I did not stay there). You can stay in similar hotels all around the world. I like hotels which are unique for the place like hotel U Prince on Old Town Square, hotel Golden Well right under The Castle, Betlem Club in Old Town and many more.

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Thank you all for your responses. It is quite helpful. Khrystia, we are cruising with Viking and that is the hotel they have now picked. Some of the reviews on TripAdvisor were not favorable for this specific location with Corinthia. I appreciate your feedback since you just stayed. Adding your restaurant suggestion in my notes. Hoping to take more time in the next weeks to plan out our trip and each day. We don't leave till April so still plenty of time. Thanks Again Everyone!

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I have not stayed there but have stayed in the Panorama their sister hotel. I have visited the Corinthia a few times as they used to have a bowling alley and restaurant in the basement but alas no more.
The hotel is on a metro line stop Vysehrad and it only takes a few minutes into the city centre.ther metro runs from about 4.30 am till around midnight.
Don't worry about safety , Prague is one of the safest cities you will ever visit

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Thank you Unclegus! Appreciate your feedback. We have started some research just last night. Now the excitement is building! :)