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Zadar worth 2 days?

Our itinerary shows 2 days in Zadar. Can't seem to find a lot of interest there but I'm sure I'm missing something. Anybody been there? What did you see/do.

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Two full days in Zadar sounds rather long to me, but I haven't checked TripAdvisor's Things To Do list. Those lists always have a lot of junk but they are a quick-and-dirty way to get an idea of how many places you'll want to go inside. But I'm guessing your itinerary has two nignts in Zadar rather than two days. Two nights often turns out to be just one day with a couple of hours in the evening on the day you arrive.

I spent one in-transit night in Zadar in 2015. I just had a few hours the next morning before I had to hop on a bus to Zagreb. The historic center of Zadar is on a peninsula. It is great for wandering around. There's a lot of pedestrian traffic, but it's nothing like the crowds in Dubrovnik.

The city tourism website ( shows that there are several important and very old churches, plus two modern installations, the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. The latter should be visited after dark.

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One night was plenty for me in Zadar. It's nice, but it wasn't my favorite place.

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We spent a few hours there in between other stops. We liked it, but a few hours was enough. I think one full day would be plenty, anything more than that would be excessive - especially considering all the other places one could spend that time. Maybe if you're spending a month or more wandering about the Adriatic at a very relaxed pace, but if you are like most of us (so many places, so little time...) then a portion of a day there would be enough for me.

That said, I just love the sound of the name of the place. "We're off to Zadar!..."

Oooooo, sounds so exotic. ;)

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Our itinerary shows us leaving Zadar on the 3rd day, stopping in Trogir and then on to Split. I'm wondering if it's feasible to include Krka National Park and Trogir and arrive in Split late in the afternoon. We have no special plans for Split that evening.

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We were in Zadar for one night, and we didn't really have enough time for everything. I'd say 2 nights is good. Make sure to catch the sea organ and the sunset on the Adriatic, called the best by Alfred Hitchcock. It's a charming town.

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We were just in Zadar ... one afternoon and night. The town had a wonderful feel. Weddings and family gatherings spilling out of churches, restaurants and hotels. A crowd at the Sea Organ at sunset. There are nice beaches and swimming immediately to the southeast of the walled city. We had a great seafood focused dinner. Less crowded than Split or Dubrovnik.

From Zadar, we went to Krka and spent 3 or 4 hours there. It was great. Trogir was an OK stop. Less special than I had anticipated. And, we got to Split in time to check into our hotel, get situated, and still see some of the city before sunset.

Fred, from Seattle

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Was there for 3 nights last year, it's a nice town with lots Roman ruins in the city center. Not overrun with tourists. I think it doesn't get recommended as it doesn't have the spectacular setting like Dubrovnik, etc. I think you will enjoy it.