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WSJ article: tourists return COVID to Croatia

Today's (September 22) Wall Street Journal has an article that describes the COVID situation in Croatia titled : "Tourists Returned Virus to Croatia". It describes how Croatia, which had reduced daily new cases to zero in May, is now experiencing an upsurge in cases that is being blamed on opening up to tourism and reducing masking/distancing rules. I can't link to an online article, but maybe it will be available in a day or so. I thought it was worth noting, as the experience may impact other EU countries decision-making.

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Today the Netherlands announced that travelers coming from Vienna or Innsbruck are required to self-isolate for 10 days. Europe is about to shut down again.

Austria closed its door to Croatia in the summer and I had many friends on vacation there who returned early and lost money.

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I read the article. It's such a shame we can't have nice things. Last year this time, I was in Croatia.

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The virus is spreading again in most European countries, partly because of tourism but also due to lockdown rules being relaxed for local populations, but it’s always easier to blame tourists.

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Croatia is a country with a tourist-centric economy. Many places are strongly tourist-based - Dubrovnik, Trogir, Sibenik. Without tourists, these coastal Adriatic spots will have a very difficult time. The islands have little else. So, I expect that Croatia will continue to try to open up.

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Europe is about to shut down again.

In reference to what Emily mentioned: indeed, a couple of days ago, the Italian health minister advised that persons going to Italy from Paris and several other (designated) areas in France will only be able to enter Italy on showing a newer-than-72-hour Covid test.

And indeed the French health minister is expected to announce more restrictive measures for Paris in about 20 minutes.

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Kim-- we heard about the COVID test for entering Italy, too, but my in-laws just drove from here on the coast, spent the night in the South Tyrol and were never controlled at the Italian border. There was some control at the Austrian border though, questions, passports, and temperature check.

In reference to what Jennifer said, indeed, locals do a good job spreading the virus. Tourists just add to the mix. On the Riviera I heard someone blame the Scandinavian youth as if the Niçois aren't hanging out every night having a great time.