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Winter driving through Croatia

Hi there
I’ve driven all the way from the UK and now approaching the last legs of my trip.
I’ve been through the Black Forest and Austrian Alps and now I just need an easy ride
No more mountains / bad weather.... I don’t really like the fast roads either but I just want the safest route
Can anyone advise? Don’t mind tolls.... I’m setting off tomorrow or Monday and weather looks about 10 degrees so not too bad
I’d also like to avoid the “scenic coastal route”... I’ve done it many times and I don’t think my nerves can handle driving it this time

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It would make it easier to help if you said where you are and where you want to get to.

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Well if you don't fancy the magistrala down the coast the obvious route is to take the motorway towards Zagreb. Turn off for Novo Mesto and continue via Metlika in the direction of Karlovac. Before Karlovac join the motorway and head towards Split and then Dubrovnik. The motorway ends before Dubrovnik, near to Ploce and from there on there's no alternative to the coastal route. Remember you need a vignette for Slovenia but not Croatia where you pay a toll for using the motorway.