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Which Island to pick from Split?


I would like to know which is a good island pick to visit from Split? We are a couple traveling with a 5 year old , intention is to get a flavour of Croatian Islands. Hvar, Bol/Brac or the Blue Lagoon area.

Hvar or Brac will need to be done using the croatian ferries (no tours functioning on our dates). I would like to know if one of these islands is doable in a day trip using the ferries. I see that they are not too frequent and takes a lot of time.

This is what am aiming -
1. Take a 7:40 am ferry from Split to Hvar.
2. Travel by bus from Hvar to Stari Grad.
3. Take the ferry back from Stari Grad to Split at 17:30.

Does this sound like a good plan? Or is a readymade tour to blue lagoon good enough to get a flavour of the Croatian islands. The tour claims to cover Krknjaši, popularly known as "Blue Lagoon" , Maslinica and Ciovo.

Please advise.

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Sadly I’m not any help but I’m also wrestling with exactly the same question! I’ll follow your thread with interest. I’d like to visit Korcula but it’s too far for a day trip so I’ll have to return one day!

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Korcula I read is very similar to Dubrovnik and since we are already doing Dubrovnik in the start of the trip, I was more interested in some other island.

Waiting for some responses please ! I think all I want to know is it okay to do Hvar with a ferry or some custom tour to blue lagoon is more worth.


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Hvar and Brac are both suitable for day trips from Split as they have relatively short crossings from Split. The timings of the Korcula boat means you spend longer in transit than you do there as a day trip.

Your proposed plan should give you enough time to see Hvar town and Stari Grad to get a flavour of the island.

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Thank you Jennifer.

It is a relief to know that the Hvar island can be done using the ferry in a day.

Any inputs on how the blue lagoon (and nearby islands) are ? Since this is more of a planned tour, we are leaning more towards it.

Ferry would mean we need to plan it on our own and might involve some surprises w.r.t bus/return ferry timings.

If I had to pick one, which one should I go for? :)


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I would also like to mention what the intent behind this excursion is -
We only want to get a feel of the Croatian islands. Not looking into exploring any town or anything in particular on the island. But to experience how different they are from the famous cities like Split/Dubrovnik.

Our itinerary already covers Dubrovnik (2 days), Makaraska (1 night) and Split. Since we have a day extra in split, we thought it will be a good idea to take a tour to one/more of the islands.