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Where to go in Croatia in December


I'm looking to visit Croatia in December, I understand its the off season but I'm sure theres still great places to go there during the holidays. Other than the usual cities such as Zagreb & Dubrovnik, where should one consider going during the cold months? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated

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Overall, I would try to stick to larger cities and towns and places with plenty of cultural attractions or other indoor sights/activities and then go into the countryside or to natural attractions on days when the weather is more cooperative, as you will probably encounter more days with bad weather than you might expect. It's not just the cold, there's fog, ferocious bora winds on the coast, rain, snow, etc. The coast will still be beautiful but most resort towns will be almost completely closed down. Istria will be livelier than Dalmatia between Christmas and New Year's. Plitvice are gorgeous when snowed over or encased in ice and the Christmas market in Zagreb is lovely, too. Consider a visit to a spa town or ski resort, if not in Croatia then in nearby Slovenia, where lakes Bled and Bohinj are still beautiful in winter, especially if it's a cold winter and they are iced over.

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and does not close. Some restaurants may do, but bars and cafes hang up infra-rad heaters outside and give out blankets and hot drinks. My favourite winter drink in Zagreb is hot chocolate. Tolkien's House Cafe is famous for it. In the Advent period, there is a lot happening. They even have a website devoted to Advent in Zagreb. Check it out. Great place, anytime.
As for the coast, remember the further south you go, the warmer it is. But seasonal tourism closes down many of the summer places, and their staff go back home to the interior until the spring. To see what is open in Zadar, Split, Korcula or Dubrovnik look at their city websites, all in English - check the UK flag icon. If you need accommodation, private homes advertised on AirBnB or may still be open when big hotels are closed Year-round tourism is the new push, however. There are major parties at New Year's in popular hotels, often booked months in advance. Then they close again for winter.
Buses and trains run in winter, and can be very atmospheric. The interior of Croatia can be bitterly cold, but not the coast. There are people who go the islands in winter specifically for peace and quiet and empty beaches . You will be welcomed.