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when will it be possible to book park hotels at Plitvice for 2019?

Whoa, I thought the park hotels for Plitvice National Park were already fully booked for next summer : ( and then I realized that their (public at least) line booking calendar on the park website currently doesn't extend past December 2018. Does anyone know when they might be taking hotel bookings for late summer 2019?

Posted by Stewart&Vicki
San Diego, CA, USA
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Ah, memories! I'm just throwing in the experience we had in summer 2007 at Plitvice's Hotel Bellvue, as a combo caveat emptor & comic relief.

The look of the place then was like some older/humbler US nat'l park places, & the feel was, umm, Soviet?/time-warp socialist? Gov't-run, with grudging staff & bad-junior-high-cafeteria food, & our room's decor was Halloween orange & black, save the pink sink. Beds were short-sheeted, shower curtain ditto, though there were three shower caps. (I dug out my journal just now for all the details.) Best/worst part was dinner: huge menu painted on the wall of the surreal cafeteria kitchen - vast open space with only two workers - but the steam trays weren't running to the roasted suckling pig nor about 3/4 of the listings. We & one other couple inhabited the sea of nicely upholstered chairs, ate greasy goulash & sausages/potatoes, okay salads. Down the corridor the restaurant had a crowd, but its waitresses kept showing up in the cafeteria kitchen - same food? Oy. Back to the orange room to drink wine out of flimsy plastic cups.

The park next morning was wonderful, & remembering all this makes me laugh, so thanks & good luck!


Posted by Lia OP
Columbus, USA
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Thanks for the phone number, Andrew. We called this morning and they said that the scheduling calendar on their website should be updated in early October to include 2019.

Stewart&Vicki: you made me laugh out loud! That is a great, great story. It's usually all about attitude, isn't it? Sounds like you made the best of it ( wine in cups in the hotel room) and walked away with a great tale for the folks back home.