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What to see in Dubrovnik

We have a two day cruise stop in June. We intend to skip the ship's excursions and are looking for suggestions on what to see. Thanks.

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Download this guide take a look.
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Dubrovnik (inside the walls) is so compact, that you can easily see it all within two days. The only advice I have is not to skip some of the smaller museums (War Photo Limited museum, etc.) as they are very interesting. You don't need to take any excursion, unless you want to go to Montenegro or somewhere outside Dubrovnik. Inside the walled city, everything is very walkable.

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DUbrovnik is wonderful it is the sight to savor. Walk the wall, take a short water cruise to an island, lunch at the cafes, listen to croatia streetmusicians, visit the. Hurch, enjoy the alleys, nicely perserved town. Take pics of everything. It can get crowded so take pics in am. Enjoy.

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Know that Dubrovnik will be VERY crowded in June. After all, cruise ships ...

There is so much to do that you can kind of go with the flow, but the #1 thing that everyone is going to also want to do is walk the walls. You should, too, but maybe keep that for Day 2 and arrive at the entrance first thing in the AM, before the other cruise ships pull in. Or, wait until late in the day when other cruises have departed. They start closing portions of the wall at 8PM. It's worth 2 or 3 hours.

We enjoyed the main church, a fun dinner cruise on a historic ship, the cable car ride up at sunset, swimming outside the walls, and a nice visit to a museum that I cannot recall the name of, but it was in an old palace and focused on the horrors of 1990s Balkans wars and shelling of Dubrovnik.

Again, the old town in DUB is extremely touristy and crowded. We enjoyed a lovely evening walk outside of the city walls to the west and stumbled upon a delightful restaurant there that really felt local with some great seafood. I'm talking about 1km or less.

We visited DUB in July and it kind of sucked. Don't get me wrong; this city is absolutely spectacular but if I ever visit it again it will be in March or November.

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Walk the wall very early or very late to avoid crowds and heat. Wander the alleys and side streets as they are very interesting.

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Walk the walls. Make sure to visit the Seafaring Museum (or some similar name) which is reached as part of the tour. We also like the little bars which are off the main drag. In particular, we love Buzz Bar, which has cheap wine, and decent coffee.

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My wife and I also visited on a cruise in 2011. The ship docked pretty far from town and we had to pay $10 each for the bus into town (could have taken the city bus if we wanted, but it just seemed easier to go with the one arranged by the ship). For us the city itself was the sight, especially walking the wall. The old port is very nice too. We did not feel the need to ride the gondola/cable car up the mountainside. I regret not having a coffee or drink at the place that's right on the ocean (in Rick's book). Also, check the site to figure out how many ships are in town the day you are there. Wikipedia can often tell you how big the ships are. I think the "cruise ships ruin a place" thing is sometimes overstated, but there are six ships in Dubrovnik some days in June.

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  1. Go to the Buza Bar - google map it to get directions because it is a bit tricky. Or read Rick's directions in his book.
  2. Ride the gondola up the hill for fab views and hike down.
  3. Walk out to Banje Beach to catch a half day kayaking trip around Lokrum. Beautiful views of the city from the water !
  4. Walk the walls for sure as early or as late in the day as you can.
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We found the city buses easy to use. The drivers were very helpful to tourists. Walking the wall was great- definitely took RS advice about starting at the south end; much less crowded to get up to the wall.