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What islands to visit? Car ferries?

Good Morning.. We are planning a trip to Dubrovnik the second week of May and planning on taking an additional week to explore. We plan on renting a car and hope to ferry over to one of the islands. Has anyone had issues with the car ferries and what island would you recommend for an older couple with walking issues? We enjoy beautiful views with good food and wine. Any recommendations on where to stay would be appreciated.. Thank you

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Check that the rental cars are allowed to be taken on ferries in Croatia. Rental cars are allowed to do that in Greece.

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There is no general problem taking a hire car to the islands, but some, not all, hire companies do charge you for the privilege. Either Korcula or Hvar should be lovely in May, with Korcula having the advantage of only being about two hours drive from Dubrovnik. If you go to Hvar, you will pass through Bosnia at Neum, and your hire company may want to charge you a cross border fee for doing this. Unfortunately there is no way round doing a bit of homework and carefully checking the terms and conditions when it comes to choosing the right company

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Most people visiting Korkula and/or Hvar would simply take a ferry between the two, rather than drive around. No worries about the border crossing. And by driving up from Dubrovnik, you can tour the wineries on the Peljesac peninsula on your own, on the way to Korkula.

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I would certainly visit Hvar, Brač and Zadar archipelago, along with Kornati. there is very complicated list of ferries you can visit on (which is stat owned transportation company), but it's not too complicated to not to fure it out. If you want to rent a boat and visit the islands you can check out .

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I'm not sure, but it sounds like you plan to be in Dubrovnik for a week. If so, that's quite a long time for what is a rather small town. You'll have time for some side-trips, which might include Mostar (Bosnia-Hercegovina) and Kotor (Montenegro). Those trips can be made by public bus or tour bus so you don't need to drive.

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I drove (camper van) and took ferries a few times around Croatia. I recall them to be basic (compared to say, Irish Ferries) and the steps from the car level to the deck were metal, boat-style steps. So when you say walking issues..... what do you mean? Can you do a flight of steps if the elevator isn't working (I don't' recall one but the ferry website will probably tell you if they have one).

I think a week in Dubrovnik would be heaven! I stayed there for almost 14 days. Relaxing days on a beach; drinks in the sea-side cafes, dinners at sunset as the sun sank over the sea..... sigh......

I am almost afraid to tell you I was there in May and our first week in Split was FREEZING!!! by the time we got to Dubrovnik at the end of the month it was way, warmer, but it was unseasonably cold in Split and all the sailors stood around watching the rain and talking about the cold! So.... watch the weather closely the couple weeks before you come over!

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