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What is the preferred ATM company to use in Croatia?

Just tried to pull some money out of the ATM and it wanted to charge me an 11% fee. I had no problem pulling out money in Slovenia.

Any recommendations would be appreciated


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Try a bank-owned ATM. Always choose the local currency for the withdrawal not your own ("Dynamic Currency Conversion") which would impose a completely unnecessary fee.

When I used ATMs in Croatia a few years ago, I was never charged a fee. I didn't care who owned the ATM as long as it was a bank.

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Avoid Euronet ATMs, they are essentially rip-offs and it sounds like you came across one. There are no Euronet ATMs in Slovenia, but they are common in Croatia.

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I've also encountered no unusual fees with bank ATMs in Croatia. If you're driving and headed to a rural area such as Plitvice, considering stopping in a town along the way to use a bank ATM as bank AMTs can sometimes be scarce in rural areas. For example, I stopped in Karlovac and used a bank ATM there on my way to Plitvice.