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Vueling from Dubrovnik to Rome, carry on backpack?

We found a good fare from Dubrovnik to Rome on a Sunday at the end of September on Vueling.

About 34€ economy or 48.5€ for Optima fare which includes a 23 kg checked bag each.
It seems like we should pay the higher fare to get the checked bag and assigned seats.

I am hoping we can carry on a backpack each without additional fees, or not???
We don't want to check backpacks with meds and electronics,
But do I need to be prepared to pay a fee to carry them on?
Or can I prepaid any carrion fee?

The flight is only a little more than an hour so other inconveniences
We can likely cope with.

It seems like the best place to buy these tickets right now is on ?

Thanks for your Vueling comments or other advice.

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Yes, probably a good idea to pay the extra just in case you want to check a bag. Fees at the gate are apparently quite high if you go overweight/ over size or haven't added the checked baggage fee at the time of booking. We have seats on Vueling for Dubrovnik to Palermo via Rome in mid September this year and opted for the 23kg checked bag option.

Carry on is no charge up to 10g and 55 cm X 40 cm X 20 cm.

Never used them yet, but I understand from others here that Vueling and other discount carriers are strict about their weights and measurements and levy hefty additional fees for going above the stated allowances.

Yes, I believe purchasing directly from Vueling is best; not sure there is any other option.

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I would spring for the fare that includes a checked bag, which most people need, and seat assignment. Of course you will want to keep the meds, electronics, trip plans, and other valuable items in carry-ons that are small enough to go under the seats, so they don't risk getting gate-checked if the plane's crowded.