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Vueling airline vs ferry from Italy

My husband and I need to get to Split or Dubrovnik from Rome in July. Originally we had planned to take a train from Rome to Ancona and then the nightly ferry to Split. Then we would need to do that again back to Rome about 1 week later. On someone's recommendation on the forum I checked and Vueling has flights from Rome to Split that seem cheaper (and much faster!) than a ferry. Can someone with experience with Vueling remark on how reliable it is? I want to be sure if I get a ticket now, the schedule will actually remain true and the flights will actually happen in July! Also, I assume these are fairly small planes? How is it to fly with Vueling?

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Vueling is a perfectly fine airline that sells tickets at low cost. A train and a ferry will take you forever and you'll lose precious time that would otherwise be spent in Croatia. Why wouldn't the ticket remain "true" and why do you assume they fly small planes? It is an airline with jets and a good reputation.

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I think I know why you ask these questions about "remaining true" and flights occurring. I, too, have seen some really bad reviews of Vueling this year. I don't ask much of an airline - fly me safely there. But if I intuit your question correctly, there does seem to be a lot of issues of flight cancellations and esp....lost luggage or flying without people's luggage for what Vueling says are "balance" reasons.

But if that's the only airline that flies that route, I would go with it and hope that those really poor reviews from this year are the exception.