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Using US credit cards in Croatia/Slovenia

I just read an article in the Seattle Times Travel section regarding problems using our credit cards in Europe as they are not the chip-and-pin style. We have never had problems in Italy or France, but was wondering about Croatia/Slovenia. Has anyone had issues?

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I think the chip-and-pin issue is nearly nonexistent in Croatia and Slovenia, but many vendors will just prefer cash. It's more of an issue in the Netherlands, and when you buy tickets or gas from automated machines. ATMs for withdrawing cash with your Visa or MC-branded debit card are not a problem; just need your four-digit numeric code. See also

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We just came back from Croatia and Slovenia. We used our cc a few times - mainly for hotels, a meal or two. No issues. For the rest of the trip we used cash obtained from atm's. Be aware that some restaurants will only accept cash. It might be a good idea to ask before you order a meal what kind of payment they will accept.

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Spent most of May in Slovenia and Croatia and never had an issue of any kind using my Capital One Visa card-not a chip-and-PIN.

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Thank you to all of you that replied - one less thing to worry about:):)

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Hi Susan - I did have a problem with my credit card when renting a car in Dubrovnik. The car rental agency (Sixt) was able to process the actual car rental fees but my credit card did not have raised numbers on itso they were not able to process a "deposit" transaction of the car with the old credit card slide machines. Because of that I wouldn't have been able to rent a car if not for a credit card my sister had.


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You might want to also notify your bank where you are going, as they might block a charge or put a hold on your card.