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Uber in Croatia in May??

We will be in Croatia in May, visiting Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split (among other places). I just read on one site that Uber only operates in June, July, and August. Is this true? Any advice for using Uber in these cities instead of taxis? Thanks!

Just to clarify, I'm only looking for transportation to/from airports, bus stations, etc. with our luggage, when it's too far to walk.

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I don't see any indication of that on any reliable sources.
Those places are so small and public transit is so good, it is pretty rare to even need a ride. I can think of only a few occasions when I used a taxi, and that was usually to the airport.
Basically, I would not give much more thought to this aspect of your trip and focus on fun stuff!

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There are local companies offering better fares than Uber. As mentioned already, let this be a small point.

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I agree with both posters. All the places you are going to visit do not really require Uber, plus getting a tour guide is a better deal, or taking a local bus. It's super easy and almost everyone speaks English. No need to use Uber.

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Thanks, everyone! Just to clarify, we plan to walk everywhere once we're established in a city. Uber would only be for transportation with our luggage to and from the bus station, airport, etc. to our rental apartments, where it's too far to walk. What do you think of taxis vs. Uber in this situation, in May?

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Hi Susan,
We just returned home from Croatia this week. When we were in Zagreb we used Uber quite often. They were a little cheaper than a taxi, but not much. We Ubered from the airport to our hotel-Sheraton, Zagreb, and from restaurants in the evenings. If I remember correctly, it cost about $25 to get to our hotel, about a 30 minute ride. What we liked about Uber is the convenience, no money to change hands, and all done on the app.

I know you didn't ask, but we went to a great restaurant in Zagreb called Pivnica Medvedgrad Ilica, Ilica 49, Zagreb. It is a local brew pub that serves local beers and local food. It was very good.

Have a wonderful time. Croatia is beautiful and the people and friendly and helpful.

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Have you looked into the Croatia Airlines shuttle from the respective airports? Assuming, of course, you are using Croatia Airlines to get to Croatia and can walk from the drop off point. I made the mistake of paying for an expensive private transfer from the Split Airport instead of taking the nice, inexpensive bus shuttle.

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Thank all of you for your help! We’re in Zagreb now (May 5). Uber is easy and fast, just like in the US. And a special shout-out to Chris above, who recommended the Pivovara Medvedgrad Ilica restaurant. We tried it tonight, had a very enjoyable 2-course meal with wine on the patio (heat lamps and excellent service) for a total of $50 US for 2 people. What a find! Thanks again, Chris.