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Trouble getting tickets to Plitvice?

I am trying to get tickets to visit Plitvice National Park in July. The website isn't showing any available tickets. I've put in the date and time I want, and I've also tried many other dates and times from April to September. Nothing seems to be available. Has anyone else had trouble with this website? I know it's a popular destination but I can't believe it would be fully booked for the next four or five months.


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I don't think they've been selling tickets online for very long. I assume it's just a website glitch. It's a national park, and I'd be extremely surprised if they have any capacity controls in place. By all means keep checking, but the main thing is to spend the night in or near the park so your visit doesn't coincide with day-trippers' hours. Buying tickets ahead of time and arriving at 10 or 11 AM will (I assume) allow you to avoid the hour-long ticket line I experienced in 2015, but the walkways will still be absolutely jammed once you get inside.

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I can't speak to tickets ahead of time, since we were there with the RS tour. What I can say is we spent the night at the park and started the hike before mid morning. We started at the upper lakes to beat the tour bus crowd mid morning. They tend to start at the lower lakes. It all worked out well. An amazing experience!

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This is ticketing glitch, nothing to worry about. Do start at early as possible.

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Thanks. I'm relieved it was just a glitch. Another question: the advice from everyone here and on other posts is to start early. We thought about going in after 15:00 when the morning crowds had left. Has anyone done this?