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Trip Report: Croatia

I spent a little over two weeks in Croatia (and Bosnia and elsewhere) in May. I spent nights in Rovinj, Lovran, Zadar, Trogir, Dubrovnik (then through Montegro and Bosnia) and finally in Plitvice Lakes and Samobor. This was my second trip to Croatia - in 2009, I also visited Zagreb, Baska Voda, Split, and Korcula so didn't feel the need to see them again. (But Dubrovnik and Plitvice were return visits this time.)

Here's a link to my trip report, including pictures and videos (starting with the Croatia portion):

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Beautiful pictures and great trip report Andrew! Your pictures are the ones I take with my eye, but somehow don't look as beautiful when I get home. I'm sorry you didn't get to spend too much time in Rijeka, but I understand because you don't see too many tourists, especially now that the ferry has closed down. My husband was born there and did not emigrate till we got married in 1981. In the 70's I spent a few months there every year visiting him till he finished university, military and visa requirements. I remember on my first trip is 1977, I was the first American many of his family and friends had ever met. Believe me, it was fun as word spread about his "rich" American girlfriend that came to visit. (They believed every American was rich) I met many people that first year! It hasn't changed much since then, we go "home" every other year.

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Thanks, fabris. As I said in my report, I was a bit sorry I didn't have a little more time to visit Rijeka after passing through. I'll bet it is an interesting place.