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Traveling from Dubrovnik to Santorini

Obviously many of us haven't been traveling as much these days but my husband and I will (hopefully) be traveling on a RS tour in May 2022. Our trip ends in Dubrovnik and we're traveling on to Santorini. Our flight from Dubrovnik will transfer in Athens before heading to Santorini. Any tips for transferring internationally from Croatia thru Athens? Our flight will have a three hour layover. I'd think this was plenty but nothing feels "normal" these days ;-) Anyone have any thoughts or tips? We've never traveled through Athens International. (And yes, we're aware that as of right now we'll have to have a negative Covid test).

Thanks for any thoughts/tips!

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Have you booked the flight? I am wanting to fly from Dubrovnik to Santorini in September. All the flights arrive very late at night. I have googled how many flights typically leave in the Summer and it looks like a lot more might be added.

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No suggestions at this point. My wife and I end our RS tour in Dubrovnik on April 30 and we have a hotel scheduled in Santorini on May 5. I would like to rent a car in Dubrovnik and travel around Monrovia, but the Covid problem seems to complicate things. I trust you need a positive Covid test before entering Monrovia, then another on before flying to Greece. Debating whether to skip Monrovia and go straight to Greece and rent a car before going to Santorini. Everything has gotten complicated with Covid. If one of us tests positive, it changes everything and we're stuck in one country for a number of days, and we would have to cancel reservations at the last minute.
Any suggestions?

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Athens airport is quite small and one can probably walk from Terminal A to B within 10 minutes, so 3 hours sounds like plenty to deal with any security or health checks.

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Monrovia is the capital of Liberia, so I'm guessing you mean Montenegro. You will find renting a car in Croatia and dropping it off in Greece very expensive. In addition, you will find it difficult to find a car hire company who will allow you to take their car to Albania on the way to Greece. Renting a car, touring Montenegro and returning it in Croatia is not too expensive.