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Traveling between Split and Ljubjlana

I am starting to plan for a fall trip to Slovenia and Croatia. At the end of my trip I will need to return to Ljubljana where I will fly into and out of (can't do multi city because I will be going back to pick up my bicycle being stored at an airport hotel--first two weeks are dedicated to cycling). After doing the Dalmatian Coast and renting a car for Montenegro and Sarajevo, I will end up back in Split to turn in car (avoiding the expensive dropoff of rent in Croatia and returning to Slo). To get back to Ljubljana Rome to Rio shows no direct flights. All about $200 plus and go to Frankfort or other hub first. Buses and trains are about 9 hours--thats a little to long for me. So it looks like flying to Zagreb for about $50 to $75 and then getting the Opti shuttle service for a 2 hour journey for about $25.

So my questions are: Is the flight to Zagreb and shuttle on the best for time saved and money spent? Is it that big a deal to rent a car in Dubrovnik and return in Ljubljana? How much more do they charge? Are there hidden costs and hassles with this? Any other options? Thanks

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On our visit that included both Slovenia and Croatia, we actually rented and returned a car in Venice, so I can’t give you direct suggestions. Plus, this was some time ago, and details might not be current. What does your rental company (or comparable companies, if you’re considering quotes from several) say? Is it a big deal picking up in one city and returning elsewhere?

Is there not a bike shop in Slovenia that could arrange delivering your bicycle to one in Croatia, if departing from there was preferable? That could maybe involve complicated logistics, but would it be better overall?

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That sounds like an extremely reasonable price for a shuttle. Is it for GoOpti's choice of pick-up time, or do you get to specify a time? What will happen if you run into a problem with the flight into Zagreb? Do you have to get yourself downtown to meet the shuttle, or will GoOpti pick you up at the airport?

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I haven’t done your precise journey, but I have hired cars in Croatia. Some companies don’t permit their vehicles to be taken out of the EU, so you will need to check this for Montenegro and Sarajevo. Also, allow plenty of time at the border points, particularly at weekends. Also check if you are proposing to island hop up the coast, as some companies don’t permit you to take their cars on the ferries. I have managed to find plenty options who do permit their cars on ferries, but I don’t need an automatic.

I have been at Split airport and seen flights to Zagreb cancelled (if the flight isn’t full enough according to a friend who has a holiday home there). I would suggest getting to Ljubljana with a night to spare before your onward flight.

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Hi k2wilde, just checked AutoEurope’s website and it does cost more if renting from a US chain. I would call AutoEurope’s reservation department at 888-223-5555 and ask a representative.

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Hi, k2Wilde,
I’m also planning a trip to Croatia in the fall, and would love to go to Slovenia as well. However, as of now, I believe that Slovenia isn’t allowing US citizens for tourism purposes. It’s certainly possible that the country’s restrictions will change by the fall, but I wouldn’t make plans now based on that hope. Of course, I don’t know where you are from so this might not be relevant to you, but in case it is, I wonder if you’ve heard or seen info that is more recent than what’s currently on the embassy website for Slovenia.