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Travel to Croatia in late April-Early May 2020 with COVID-19

Man, COVID-19 sure has created problems for our plans. My employer has created a policy that if we travel to a country( Croatia thru JFK and LHR) with a Level 3 or even a Level-2 Travel Advisory we will face mandatory 14 day self isolation, even if I test negative. They have gone so far as to state if we travel and the status is changed while we are there the same criteria will apply.

My issue is how to proceed. We are flying Business Class on BA, and have been informed that if we cancel we can get a "partial refund" of our fares.

A secondary concern is the possibility that the CDC could change the Advisory Level while in country, which then would require the 14 day mandatory isolation. Does anyone know how that would work?

My gut feeling is that it would be best to wait until closer to our departure time to make a decision, because if BA Cancels the flights we would be entitled to a full refund rather than a partial. Also there is the possibility that the situation may improve over the next 6 weeks.


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OK, you may have a 14 day isolation. Is this a problem? Can you work from home? That's more and more not a problem.

You need to game out the situation. Croatia is not a country that comes up as a hot spot. On the other hand, it is close to Italy, and there may be cross contamination. The part of Italy that is a hot area is the northern areas.

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No, I am in the medical profession and if not seeing patients, would be furloughed.


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Hi, Jonathan. I think we are in much the same situation. I am a physician whose organization is now requiring notification of any international travel. If a country is on the CDC's Travel Advisory list on the date of return, an employee will not be allowed to return to work for two weeks. My compensation plan is productivity-based, so no work = no earnings. I'm scheduled to go to Berlin in late April and to go to Bavaria/Austria in mid-May.

I was quite skeptical about the seriousness of COVID-19 until I read the Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission
on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
and watched the mission lead's press/video conference regarding the mission. They are worth reviewing (though the written report was reviewed by China prior to being released and reads a bit like a China propaganda piece in places). They do not support the notion that there is a ton of "under the radar" COVID-19 in China that diminishes the serious complication/fatality rates reported there. In addition, the one thing about COVID-19 that is free of speculation is that travel spreads the contagion.

I've gravitated toward an opinion that as a private citizen who is looking out for my fellow private citizens, limiting travel is appropriate at this time. I also have gravitated to the position that as a physician, limiting travel is in the best interest of my patients to minimize my risk to them as a source of infection. Finally, I have gravitated to the position that my company's policy is appropriate and in the best interest of patients, despite being really angry when I first read it.

I'm canceling my B&B reservation for Berlin and will wait until the last second to cancel my (also business class) flight, hoping that the flight gets canceled, and I will be eligible for a refund. I'm monitoring the situation for my May trip, but given the steady march upward of new cases/deaths in Italy (and other countries) and the WHO's recent statement that it is unlikely that warm weather will decrease the spread of the virus, I'll be a little surprised if I take that trip.

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Thank you for providing illuminating and rationale information on this issue. Safe future travels to you!

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My wife and I were on the RS 14 Day Adriatic tour starting in late April which would put us out the country for about 23 days since we always go a few days before and after the tour. We decided to cancel our trip for a few reasons: being so close to Italy; tour sites not open: chances of getting quarantine while in route or after traveling; and being worried while on the tour if we were getting sick.
So the good news is that Delta charged a $200 cancellation fee per person for a full refund and RS will give us a full credit till 2021 for another tour. We really feel better not traveling at this time even though we are both in great health. Each of our physicians suggested
for us to opt out; we were really looking forward to going on this tour. We had it on the radar for a few years so hopefully 2021. This would have been out 12th tour. Even with loosing the money from Delta it was still cheaper than buying the insurance.
It's a hard decision no matter what.

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There are a looot of people whose plans have changed and after planning for so long, they are losing time and money.

I would suggest to wait a little longer, since you mentioned you have 6 more weeks.

The virus itself dies in warm temperatures, and it's quite possible for the situation to calm down soon.

Good luck and safe travels!

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As far as I know, reliable sources have not reported that this virus dies in hot weather.

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I have not heard one single expert say the virus dies in hot weather. No one knows whether or not it dies in hot weather. One article I read said that we hope it will die in hot weather, but no one should make plans based on this unverified and unproven theory.

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There are cases in Australia now. Including Tom Hanks and his wife, as a matter of fact--though I don't know how long they've been there. It's entirely possible they were infected but not yet symptomatic when they arrived there.

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Its a good policy. I am in the camp of travel if you can. Right now that really means you cant because of all of the closed borders, but when they open, go for it. BUT, that comes with responsibility and that may mean quarantine. I have a late April trip coming up. If I can go, if the borders are open and the planes are flying, upon return I will have to self quarantine (or that's the situation right now). I cant complain as I wrote the office policy. Missing two more weeks of work may be the deal breaker for me. I will decide when the time comes...