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Travel from Split to Dubrovik

Can anyone share hiring private car info? Or is renting a car reasonable? A little nervous about the border crossing, overall costs. Leaning towards hiring a car if reasonable rather than driving/border crossing/parking.

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Check out Dubrovnik Riviera Tours. We wish we had done what you propose instead of renting a car.

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You could always take a bus or boat, which is how most people make this journey. It won’t take much longer than hiring a driver.

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Agree with Jennifer--it's about four hours on the bus, perfectly comfortable. If you had no plans to stop, this would be my choice. I just can't see paying a premium for this journey.
For a more scenic route, check the catamaran schedule. Krilo and Jadrolinija are the operators.

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If you don’t have some specific timeline or too much luggage or particular mobility concerns, I would do what Jennifer suggested. But then I love any excuse to get on the water. And it’s not expensive. There’s only one a day, using this line. Then you could taxi to (or close to) your lodging. will give you some choices on car rental in case you go that direction.

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You can go by ferry, check for info and tickets. Whenever we rent a car in Croatia, we return it either in Split or Dubrovnik, whichever is our first stop. There is very limited parking in both cities and driving can be very stressful.

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While we haven't hired a car and driver for the Split to Dubrovnik, we have hired drivers on more than one occasion in Croatia and have been very satisfied, both for domestic and cross-boarder travel. Having the driver negotiate and answer questions at the Bosnia-Herzogovina border saved me some anxiety. Someone mentioned the bus, which is good. For some fun, check out Krilo and Jadrolinija service, too. It was a very easy, scenic and fun trip from Split to Dubrovnik and it wasn't expensive.

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In 2017 we rented a car in Dubrovnik and drove to Split. Rather than cross a border, we did a short hop on a car ferry from Trpanj (on the Peljesac Peninula) to Ploce. I purchased the ferry tickets in advance on-line. The peninsula was interesting. More details on this drive are in my trip report posted in this forum at the following URL.

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A couple of years ago, on my maiden trip to Croatia, I went from Dubrovnik to Split (reverse commute than your's but still relevant) via public transport ( making a 6 hr stop at Plitvice national park ( I would highly recommend it .. the bus runs regularly and is extremely comfortable and has enough space for your luggage. Note: you'll need to purchase 2 separate tickets, Split->Plitvice and Plitvice->Dubrovnik. There are luggage rooms at the entrance of Plitvice park and I stored my luggage there for 5/6 hours as I explored the park. It is a beautiful park - I loved hiking, walking, and also took the boat tour in the park. At the entrance, they provide with trail maps and the times it'll take you to explore/hike. So, pick the trails accordingly. You can explore the park in 4/5 hours easily. And then continue the bus ride to Dubrovnik.
Hope it helps.

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Just got back from Croatia--easy trip!! Due to covid concerns we used (based on a R.S. team recommendation) to get a private car--vaccinated, face masks, and personal. Felt very safe! And impromtu tour guide as well. The border crossing through Bosnia Herzegovna is absolutely no problem.