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Travel from Ljubljana to Slavonia, Croatia by Public Transport

Howdy Travel Folks -

I will be in Ljubljana later this year and would love to visit Slavonia, Croatia but will not have a car. Does anyone know if public transport is an option?

Thank you in advance for your help and time. ;=)

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Slavonia is the region of Croatia e of Zagreb. We were there 2 weeks ago.

It's very easy to get from Ljub to Zagreb by train or bus. But Slavonia is a region, not a specific place. There are essentially 2 train lines in Slavonia, north (through Osijek) and south. If what you want is on those train lines, easy peasy. There are a lot of buses too. Buses in Croatia are nice, run on time, and inexpensive - we went Zagreb-Zadar 3+ hours 13E.

So it really depends on WHERE in Slavonia you wish to visit.

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Thank you for your reply, Paul-of the frozen north . ;=)

I would like to go to Dakovo to visit the Cathedral and the famous horses. Based on your reply - sounds like I would need to train or bus to Zagreb and take a connection to Dakovo?
Thank you very much for your help - I truly do appreciate it. Daniela

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You can use this station name for a schedule search: Djakovo(HR). Connection point is at Strizivojna-Vrpolje but there can be a long layover, so you might want a taxi for the last leg. Afternoon timing is more synchronized, for commuters or people staying overnight. Looking Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the Deutsche Bahn train schedule link and tips for using it. provided these taxi contacts, which I did not explore further:

Taxi Edvin Đakovo
+385 98 904 0234

Taxi Cammeo Đakovo
+385 31 313 313