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Travel from Korcula to Dubrovnik on a Sunday in late May 2018

We are trying to figure out the best way to get from Korcula to Dubrovnik. At present we had planned to turn in our car in Split, take the ferry by foot over to Korcula for a few days and get to Dubrovnik where we will leave to go back to the US 4 days later. What is the best mode of transportation. We see that the bus is very cheap and long. And the catamarans may start working. We might like a private tour that would allow us to see some of the sights in the Piljesac Peninsula or other areas west of Dubrovnik. Does anyone know of a private guide that might be good but not overly expensive . We have seen prices around 900 euros for two people. Or would it be better to keep the car anddrive to Dubrovnik from Korcula and do a self-tour?

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Or would it be better to keep the car anddrive to Dubrovnik from
Korcula and do a self-tour?

Yes, that's what I would do. I ended up taking a 70 EUR all-day Viator tour (from Dubrovnik to Korcula) that stopped at Ston and a winery, drove through the peninsula (gorgeous!) and spent some time in Korcula. It was definitely economical, but of course I couldn't go at my own pace. Forget the private guide, too pricey for a low-risk trip. I bet there may even be a bus you could take too, but I'm not sure of the schedules. Driving would be very easy and enjoyable.

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Respectfully, I have to disagree.

Once you're in Korkula, you've already gone a good portion of the way to Dubrovnik. Going back to Split to grab a car (which you're paying for while you're on the islands, and paying to park it on top of that)...nah. Not exactly efficient.

On Korcula, you should be able to arrange for a "transfer" to Dubrovnik. That's what we did when we were there a few years ago (in May). There's a small travel services shop in Korcula (the name escapes me right now but it's easy to find, the town is tiny). They arrange the transfers to Dubrovnik. I'll admit, at first it was a little odd: there was about (roughly) 15-18 people, we assembled at the Korkula dock in the morning, we were met by someone from the shop, they put us on a small boat which chugged across the water to Orebic (a tiny town on the mainland/peninsula). There we were met by a driver and a large van/small bus. They drove us to Dubrovnik. Now, it's true that Ston and the other places we drove through on the way to Dubrovnik looked pretty cool and it would have been nice to stop and check them out, but this was not a tour, it was a boat/bus transfer. On the other hand, it was cheap (IIRC under US$20) and fast - we left the docks in Korcula around breakfast, the bus dropped us off right outside one of the old city gates in Dubrovnik by 11 am. It was easy, quick, efficient, cheap. If I was going from Korcula to Dubrovnik again, and I didn't have extra time/money to burn, I'd definitely use them again.

Hope that helps.

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Personally, I never go to the islands without hiring a car on the mainland and taking it over on the ferry, but I just cover one island per trip and I go for at least 2 weeks. Public transport on the islands is poor. It may not be the cheapest option, but it suits us, as it is convenient.

If you opted to take a car to Dubrovnik, you may wish to consider staying in nearby Cavtat, where parking is easier. Driving in Croatia is easy, but parking in Dubrovnik isn't! It's easy to travel into Dubrovnik from Cavtat.

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David, was the name of the company Krilo? We used them a few years ago. They have an office right outside Dubrovnik old town (Ploce gate side) and on Korčula.
Listfam, check for ferry information. We go to Korucula every few years and never rent a car. It is small enough to get around.

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Public transport on the islands is poor

Probably true, but for a short visit, we found the only form of transportation we needed was our feet. The old town is tiny and everything we were interested in was within easy walking distance. YMMV, but I felt no need for any other kind of transportation.

was the name of the company Krilo?

No. Krilo is one of the regional ferry companies (see The place I was referring to that arranged our "transfer" between Korkula and Dubrovnik was a local, small "travel services" shop, not a particularly large company. It was located on one of the side streets right next to (maybe just inside or just outside of) the old town. IIRC it was on the "mainland" side of old town (Korcula's old town is on a small peninsula, the shop was along a street where the little peninsula connected to the main part of the island). Sorry I don't recall the name, but Korkula's old town is reeeeealy small, everyone there will know the place (ask your hotel), or you will see it if you just wander the streets for more than 5 minutes.

OK, I googled that for you - honestly, it looks like options have proliferated since I was there, but I'm pretty sure this was the outfit I used: "Korkyra Info Travel Agency" - website: . Check them out, they should be able to offer multiple options. We did the little boat from the Korkula old town wharf, across the water to Orebic, loaded into a mini bus then drove to Dubrovnik. Easy.

Good luck!

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When I was on Korcula a few years ago in late May, I was planning to go by bus to Dubrovnik. But then I learned that the catamaran had just started running the day before, so I switched, thinking a boat ride would be more enjoyable than a bus ride.

I can't speak about the bus, since I didn't take it, but the boat was not very pleasant. It was essentially like a bus on water. And it arrived at the main port, a ways north of the old town where I was staying, so then I had to get a transfer. I was told the bus arrives by Pile Gate, so that would have been more convenient.

The tour sounds like it might be a nice idea if you can find one that fits your schedule and budget. Enjoy!

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Yes David, that is the company. I was too lazy to look back in my journal.

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we have decided to keep our rental car and take the car ferry. How can we book this on-line now for May? All I can see on-line are the schedules.

Thanks for all the advice